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Fotga recently opened up their product line to include a new S-450 Hand Held Stabilizer for under $150 dollars. Judging from what I can see in the photos, it's probably comparable to the size of a Glidecam HD2000, so you're looking at supporting cameras around 6-8 lbs max.

fotga s-450fotga hand held stabilizer
find-price-button Fotga S-450 Hand Held Video Stabilizer System

The new Fotga S-450 includes a top stage with fine tuning knobs (left / right / forward / back), and the baseplate includes a swing out set of legs to prevent the stabilizer from toppling over. A telescoping post means it can collapse to support small cameras, or telescope out for heavier setups.
DP3049_8Fotga Baseplate Stabilizer Hand Held Steadicam
find-price-button Fotga S-450 Hand Held Video Stabilizer System

The system can be broken down into several pieces for easy travel, and the handle accept a vest (not sure which type). For more information and additional photos, check out the Fotga S-450 Hand Held stabilizer via eBay (found here)

Fotga Hand Held Stabilizer S-450 ProFotga Steadicam Stabilizer
find-price-button Fotga S-450 Hand Held Video Stabilizer System


Missed the 160 LED video light bundle? Apparently LinkDelight is slashing prices on a number of items including two different 15mm Rails with quick release camera mount and tripod base plate. [Thanks Viktor]

One of these sets looks like a part found from a Fotga rig. If you just need to get started with a simple set to support a basic follow focus or to mount other 15mm accessories, check out the two different sets following the link (click here)

15mm base set rails15mm rails base set link delight link delight
find-price-button Link Delight 15mm Base Rails Tripod Mount Quick Release

Also noted in the comments, they are practically throwing away their DSLR Follow Focus systems at 42% off. The LED light bundle sold out in minutes, so I don't expect these prices to last.

find-price-button DSLR Follow Focus 15mm Mount

Other people are finding deals on a variety of items today, so it might be worth checking out more Photo / Video products from this seller.

find-price-button All Camera Photo / Video Products on Sale