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Tom writes in and shares this new Matte Box find. Product description shows dual 4x4 filter trays (only one rotatable). [Thanks Tom] Comes with height adjustable 15mm rod clamp, Top and Side flags, and a couple of black-out neoprene donuts. No swing away design here, but It does look much lighter than the ePhoto MatteBox (seen here).

This titled 'Compact Pro Matte Box' also lists fairly cheap with more images found at $150 bucks + Free Shipping on eBay (Click Here).

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More variations of DSLR Rigs are showing up. These new style DSLR Rigs not only sport the blue accents of popular RedRock Micro rigs, but you can tell they try to mimic the texture of the RedRock Micro Hand Grips (as seen here) and very close design of the RedRock Micro Body Brace (seen here).

Nice to see more Body / Chest brace type stabilizers becoming available instead of full on over the shoulder types. Configurations of these new rigs are available with either one handle or two. Check out more of the photos over at eBay (Click Here).

DSLR RigShooter Rig Target DSLR
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Unclear on this right now, but check out these folding Pocket Rigs that are showing up online. The unit folds up to about the size of a standard battery grip, and folds out to provide chest plate, and two 15mm rails for getting a follow focus mounted. They are showing up as GeniusXeme rigs and i'm wondering if these are just rebranded Edelkrone pocket rigs. These were a big hit just a few weeks ago at NAB2012 along with two new Follow Focus systems.

[Update] Edelkrone writes in and states that the rig below is a counterfeit and has not been authorized to manufacture or sell such rig. Obviously they will be contacting that company to have the product removed. You can find the original Pocket Rig from Edelkrone at https://Edelkrone.com.

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Missed the 160 LED video light bundle? Apparently LinkDelight is slashing prices on a number of items including two different 15mm Rails with quick release camera mount and tripod base plate. [Thanks Viktor]

One of these sets looks like a part found from a Fotga rig. If you just need to get started with a simple set to support a basic follow focus or to mount other 15mm accessories, check out the two different sets following the link (click here)

15mm base set rails15mm rails base set link delight link delight
find-price-button Link Delight 15mm Base Rails Tripod Mount Quick Release

Also noted in the comments, they are practically throwing away their DSLR Follow Focus systems at 42% off. The LED light bundle sold out in minutes, so I don't expect these prices to last.

find-price-button DSLR Follow Focus 15mm Mount

Other people are finding deals on a variety of items today, so it might be worth checking out more Photo / Video products from this seller.

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