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Nate Horowitz writes in with a kick ass DIY DSLR stabilizer rig. A bike mechanic and film maker, Nate used parts from a Titanium bike frame, aluminum seat posts, and aluminum bar stock. I'm hoping Nate will fill us all in with more information about the exact parts used and how much modification was needed, as this looks like one sweet DIY project. You can find more detailed photos over at his Flickr gallery here https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5049491205/in/photostream/, and feel free to leave some comments on this article. [Thanks Nate]

[Update from Nate] Here's the breakdown of parts in this rig.
I hacked off the seat stays and a chain stay off a crashed $1000+
Titanium road bike frame. FREE
I used a bolt on axle on the rear to connect the chain-stay to the two
rails. FREE
The grips are two seat posts with BMX Oury grips slid over them. $10

Aluminum bar stock. $!5
Nuts and bolts. $4
PVC cap and toilet O-ring. (used as a compression ring) $5
Plumbing clamps? (for the rear shoulder). $5

Manfrotto Quick Release Plate $45
USPS Shoulder Strap $7

Grey Primer $5
Matte Black Spraypaint $5


Watching more and more behind the scenes videos and especially those DSLR meetups going around, you'll catch tons of wicked DIY rigs amongst the crowd. It's quite interesting to see how many people connect and how many conversations can be started from simple ideas. Even though it's also available for purchase, when I released the SpiderTrax Dolly on the internet, it was released as a DIY project.


Igus, the manufacturer of linear guide rails, for the past few months have been selling a DIY kit over at Amazon to make your own Camera slider.

The most recent announcement of DIY gear for sale is from audiophile JuicedLink. Yeah unusual as it might sound coming from a purely Audio Gear company, they're taking a different approach to "securely and cost effectively mount stuff to your camera". Looks like they are working on a DSLR cage and bracket of some type very similar to the K-Tek KN2274 Norbert Camera Mount Frame, but let's hope it's not coming in at the same price range. There's a few raw mock up images of their ideas in place, and more information about their new product lineup at the following this link: https://juicedlink.com/blog/2010/09/new-product-preview-affordable-dslr-accessory-brackets/


Jarrod over at JustBasl Productions has shown us some of his previous DIY's and now recently threw together a full dslr cage. It probably looks overkill with just the camera, but you have to imagine the use with other accessories including a monitor. With 5 handles, holding the cage can be done in various ways providing more stabilization for different shots.

His original video (below) shown used the framework of the DSLR Cage Fig Rig with the popular Strut Channels. These strut channels proved to be too robust and heavy for handheld use, so the video above shows his new redesign with aluminum channels shaving off quite a bit of weight. More description and information can be found at his video link: https://vimeo.com/14380333