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Wow, when it rains it pours. All i've been talking about is new DSLR rigs for most of the day, but it's good to know our options. Thanks to a tip from 'John', here's another company trying to get their lineup into the DSLR market. I have to say that these model closer to the 'blue guys' than the other company. There's a ton of different accessories already listed from basic rods, clamps, handle bars, follow focus, and shoulder pad. I haven't dug deep enough to find out pricing, but after all the previous posts, i'm not going to get overly excited. Even if they aren't rock bottom, dirt cheap prices, like we've been accustomed to with overseas products, the benefit of having more DSLR accessories in the market is compatibility. All of the accessories from different companies should play nicely together. Your follow focus from blue guys, will mount on a base rig from the orange guys, as well as handlebars from the purple guys. (I sure hope no cinema company is using purple.....) I'm a bit lazy to grab more images, so if you want to take a peek here's the link: https://www.eimagevideo.com/enproduct_largerimage.asp?id=972&cpfl=187






Just got wind of a new company looking to play in the ever popular DSLR game. Above are a few photos, showing some new gear currently being 'prototyped'. That's about all I can say right now, as I don't have much more information (yet). Whether we'll see this on the market soon would be interesting as well, but looks like when they are ready to go they'll be offering quite a bit. Check out the gear that's in the works...




Nate Horowitz writes in with a kick ass DIY DSLR stabilizer rig. A bike mechanic and film maker, Nate used parts from a Titanium bike frame, aluminum seat posts, and aluminum bar stock. I'm hoping Nate will fill us all in with more information about the exact parts used and how much modification was needed, as this looks like one sweet DIY project. You can find more detailed photos over at his Flickr gallery here https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5049491205/in/photostream/, and feel free to leave some comments on this article. [Thanks Nate]

[Update from Nate] Here's the breakdown of parts in this rig.
I hacked off the seat stays and a chain stay off a crashed $1000+
Titanium road bike frame. FREE
I used a bolt on axle on the rear to connect the chain-stay to the two
rails. FREE
The grips are two seat posts with BMX Oury grips slid over them. $10

Aluminum bar stock. $!5
Nuts and bolts. $4
PVC cap and toilet O-ring. (used as a compression ring) $5
Plumbing clamps? (for the rear shoulder). $5

Manfrotto Quick Release Plate $45
USPS Shoulder Strap $7

Grey Primer $5
Matte Black Spraypaint $5



We've seen some competition on DSLR support rigs from Hong Kong and Korea. Now it looks like another Chinese company has been listening to the sales of DSLR's. Just received a tweet today from @jphansen about this new line of DSLR Support rigs soon to be coming out of China. The rigs looks very well designed, and should be since they are close to another popular brand with the blue accents. Everything else on the different rigs have gone with solid black. Not much word on the build quality, but these are the same guys who slap their name on the 717AH Fluid head which seems like a decent build. I'm expecting these to be cheap cheap cheap.


They've seem to come up with an entire lineup of many different accessories including Gearless follow focus, Matte Box, Shoulder Supports, DSLR Cages, Handles, and of courses Rods, Clamps, and mounts. Prices, not sure of just yet, but i'm hoping it's something much more affordable than what's currently available. If anyone catches these for sale on the web, holla at your boy! I'd be interested in seeing more of this.
Here's the link: https://www.chinafancier.com/enindex.asp. If you like this article, Tweet it.