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I'm sure you're all planning on gathering up a ton of photos and videos this holiday season, and BorrowLenses.com is looking to hook you up. Not just Photography stuff, BorrowLenses.com has a HUGE amount of video gear, including microphones, field monitors, stabilizers, lighting and more. With the right rental selection you can grab yourself a 7-day Rental for the Price of 3 Days. That's right, you can get UP TO 4 days free if you do the following:

1. Order a 3-day rental that begins Monday, November 22nd.
2. Type the phrase "Turkeytime" into the coupon box before checkout.
3. Return the gear to us the following Monday, the 29th. That's 7 days for the price of 3!
4. Read the fine print below for more details.

A few more bit of information to know: This discount applies only to 3-day orders that would normally end on November 25th through November 27th. The coupon code "Turkeytime" must be used. Cannot be used with other coupons or offers. You will only receive 4 days free if your 3-day rental begins November 22nd. There you go fellas, check out the selection and see what you might be able to take advantage of this Holiday from BorrowLenses.com.

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So my second Canon 60D arrives this morning and another friend just grabbed one yesterday over at Best Buy in Redwood City. Can you believe just walking into a store and finding the last one? I like online over retail mainly because of taxes, but with local retail you can always resolve your issues quickly on these very expensive items. We were scheduled for a Music Video shoot this Sunday, but for fun we thought we'd do everything in just the new Canon 60D. We'll have a total of three on set, so it will be a nice way of getting used to learning the menu and dials.

I woke up this morning and realized I don't have the widest lens for these cropped cameras. Many of the really nice wide lenses for cropped cameras are EF-S mounts, and the EF-S mount does not work with Full Frame cameras. Of course ALL EF mounts will work on ALL cameras, so all my lenses are cross compatible amongst all my gear. For cropped camera shooters, this is something to keep in mind when investing in lenses, if you believe you'll one day go to a Full Frame camera. Normally if I wanted to get a wide shot, I switched to my Canon 5D Mark II full frame and used some of my wide EF mounts. Soooooo...since I wanted this to be an all Canon 60D shoot, my EF lenses weren't as wide as i'd hope. Luckily Borrowlenses.com had the Canon 10-22mm in stock ready to pick up by 10am this morning. My first option was the Tokina 11-16mm, but that little guy seems to be sold out all the time, proving to be all the lens hype that everyone keeps raving about.

Again, if you guys aren't into renting, you should definitely try it out. Most rental places will ask for a huge deposit on gear, but that's what makes BorrowLenses.com different. Easiest rental place i've worked with and they do lots of mailing. It's like the NetFlix for Camera Gear. Check them out here: Borrowlenses.com

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The 85mm F/1.2 is a beast and rated as one of the best Portrait lenses that Canon has to offer. It's also a very expensive lens that's not super versatile. You can't shoot macro, in fact the minimum focal distance is a few miles away (i'm joking). So unless Portraits are all you ever do in life, most people won't invest into that type of gear.

I've been following a company called Borrow Lenses for quite some time but never had the nerve to test out the service. Basically you place an order on line and they ship you the gear. Don't let the name fool you. It's not all Lenses. They've got RedRock Micro shoulder rigs, follow focus systems, full camera bodies, light meters, tripods, filters, Memory Cards, Lighting. Brands include Canon, Sony, Nikon, and more. The above video was shot by someone in New York! These guys get around in renting professional equipment for both Photography and Video.

I've had the chance to work with many professionals in the field lately and they all seem to be doing business with Borrow Lenses with absolutely no problems. Located in San Mateo you can even drop by their office for pickup and drop off. They even have a YELP review page. So the next time i'm thinking of dropping 2K on a lens, maybe i'll think about just renting it for about $34 dollars for a weekend. Click here to check out Borrow Lenses.

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