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If you've got plans to keep your Canon T2i powered up longer than the normal battery can provide, here's a cheap AC wall adapter. Great power source for taking those super long day to day timelapse photography shots. If you're the daring type like myself, the battery adapter provided is perfect to hack up into a DIY Power pack, perhaps connecting it to something like a Radio Controlled toy car rechargeable battery. You can find several aftermarket AC wall adapters here: Canon T2i / 550D AC Wall Adapter Power Plug

For those running the LP-E6 battery type like the Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 7D, or Canon 60D the AC wall adapter can be found here: http://cheesycam.com/a-diy-canon-dslr-power-pack/


Wow, Lilliput is not playing around. There was a time when these 7" HDMI monitors were first released for about $200 dollars, but this still meant searching for a way to mount and power these bad boys up. Olahf just sent in a video of his unboxing the new 7" LCD + Battery + Shoe Mount Combo deal he received from eBay. This combo includes a supposedly newer 2010 model of the 7" monitor + Shoe mount + Battery pack so you're ready to rock from the get go. You can check out more details of these new monitors + battery packs Following this Link..

click image to find Lilliput 7" + Battery + Shoe Combo Deal