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Looking to travel light, but still have a large battery powered LED light source? In this episode of GearBox from TheC47.com, Jem is planning to use the Triple Shoe Adapter I posted about (seen here) to create a large light source with a few high power Switronix BOLT LED lights (review found here). Those BOLT LED lights are great, but they are pretty expensive. Keep in mind, you could use this same idea with other lights.

find-price-button Switronix TorchLED Bolt On-Camera Video Light

To create more or less contrast, he could switch out to different sized umbrellas or use a shoot through, or even adjust the angle of each light. When not in use, this lighting kit idea should break down to several small parts. There are two different Triple Adapters I talked about, and both types can be found for just under $14 bucks via eBay (Click Here).

Triple Flash Adapter eBay LED Video Light
find-price-button Triple Flash or LED Video Light Shoe Mounting Bracket

The Metal Bracket Can be Found on Amazon for under $10 bucks + shipping (Click Here).

Screen Shot 2012-08-16 at 10.05.43 AMTriple Flash Adapter Bracket LED Light
find-price-button Triple Flash or LED Video Light Shoe Mounting Bracket - Cast Metal


click image to find shoe mounts

Ok, someone asked about mounting the Zoom H1 on your camera's hot shoe. This is cool, it's a compact setup, but I highly suggest that you first grab a $12.00 dollar L Bracket or two which will not only move the Zoom's Mic a few inches away from the camera noise, but give you an extra handle for stabilization, and an additional 2 shoe accessory mounts. Here's the T2i with a handle next to the Zoom H1.

IMG_8270 - Copy

Below: Here's an image shared by Chuckarama using two L brackets and a Flash Bracket

Now that you're all setup, I peeked around some of the camera websites and boy these adapters aren't cheap. They go for as little as $20.00 dollars to as much as $200 dollars for articulating arm types. Me being the frugal shopper, I jump on over to my normal wheel and deal spot - eBay. Low and behold! There's a hundred different types starting from as low as $1.00 dollar. Even heavy metal crafted gear. Hate to say it, but most of the designs look like the ones sold from the big boys, and possibly could be.

Above: Pro-Type Shoe Mount - This is the one I like most

This is a good article to share, make sure to link back to this. It's going to save a few bucks for a whole bunch of people and that adds up to a lot of dollars. So here's the link, jump on over and find yourself a good Shoe mount for your Zoom H1 or H4n.

find-price-button variety of shoe mounts


Wow, Lilliput is not playing around. There was a time when these 7" HDMI monitors were first released for about $200 dollars, but this still meant searching for a way to mount and power these bad boys up. Olahf just sent in a video of his unboxing the new 7" LCD + Battery + Shoe Mount Combo deal he received from eBay. This combo includes a supposedly newer 2010 model of the 7" monitor + Shoe mount + Battery pack so you're ready to rock from the get go. You can check out more details of these new monitors + battery packs Following this Link..

click image to find Lilliput 7" + Battery + Shoe Combo Deal