Sony A77 DSLR Available

So the the lightning fast full time auto focus, transparent mirror Sony A77 DSLR has been available, who's excited? Hmm, not myself at the moment. 24 megapixels (more than Canon 5D Mark II), Image stabilization (built in to the Body - not lens), 12 fps burst rate (faster than Canon 7D), Full 1080p capable at 60fps or 24fps, 19 auto focus points, built in GPS, HDR, 3D Panoramic sweep, and more. Looks like a solid camera at a great price point and tons of features, but bad timing for me. I'm personally holding out to hear other news from Canon this year. For Sony shooters who are looking to go the A77 route, you can find them available now at B&H (click here)

Sony A77
find-price-button Sony Alpha SLT-A77 Digital Camera (Body Only)

19 thoughts on “Sony A77 DSLR Available

  1. I really want one but can't afford the body let alone new lenses+accessories

    (canon shooter)
    Considering a 60D and trying to sell my HV30 as I don't use it much anymore.

  2. David

    It actually is a DSLT, not a DSLR but I don't want to be a smartass 🙂

    Had the chance to put my hands on one some weeks ago...
    I am so going to buy that thing.
    Was seriously considering a systemchange from Sony to Canon, but when this baby was announced I immediatly fell in love with it 🙂

  3. I bought the Sony A65 but returned it because the video ISO was limited to 1300. I was planning to buy the A77, but decided to hold off. What I am really excited about is the NEX 7. For video and stills. I have the Nex 5N, and if I was using it only for video, I would have a few of these in my arsenal. I need to be able to control off camera lighting and the 5N doesn't offer that, but the Nex 7 does, as well as 24mp.

    The A77 is a game changer and I may still dump all of my Canon strobes and glass to go that route, though with the current stock at B&H, looks like that won't happen til January.

  4. I am a sony shooter, I was at PDN with a cannon shooter. he said "you see Sony's motto? Make. Believe.'s a real camera." i was rolling

  5. @Rob the A77 does not blow the 7D out of the water for picture quality only features of which the A77 has plenty. If Sony puts the features and pixel count into a 35mm sensor that would be amazing.

    @Bob Gnarly In body IS won't work with Canon cameras since they have it in the lenses already. The advantage of having IS in the lenses is for video. Every manufacture that has in body IS only shifts the sensor for stills. For video they shift pixels which degrades the quality of image and is something you can do in post real easy.

    Canon has been slow to update but they can be since they are by far the market leader. Although I shoot Canon professionally and love the picture quality I've never been a fan of the overall features and layout of Canon cameras.

  6. I know a little bit about what's in store for the line of Canon DSLR's through a source who works for the company. All I can say is when the 5Dmk3 comes out, it will outshine everything else on the market right now. The November 3rd debut may not be the official release of the DSLR we are hoping for, but I will say that I'm not going to turn my back on Canon any time soon. ; )

  7. Due to the flooding in Thailand there will be no more A77,A65 and NEX5n for at list the next 2 months after those currently in the market are sold. (the NEX7 is delayed too).

    Also, if interested to see a "music clip" I shot in a day with A65 prototype please look here:
    Thanks for watching!


  8. Rob

    If I were starting all over with new lenses and accessories, this would be pretty tempting! Blows the 7D out of the water and for a little less money.

  9. Bob Gnarly

    Disregard my comment I probably won't bother with the a77 I just don't understand why Canon can't add in 1080p 60fps or built in IS

  10. Bob Gnarly

    I doubt Canon is releasing the Canon 5d3 until 2012 so yea these features are amazing Canon is slow yea they changed the game but they don't care for innovation. I'm jumping on the Sony wagon 1080p 60fps built in image stabilization nuff said.

  11. Hey man nice post. I am so with you about waiting to see what Canon is coming out with. I think that they have to drop either a new 5D or 60D because people are dying for it! Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  12. I'm partially tempted for the features but like you said its too close to Canon releasing new cameras (5d3 for me) to take the plunge. Plus the picture quality is not good enough for me to switch from my 5d2.

    Super nice camera though. If Sony does this in a full 35mm chip that would be amazing.

  13. Verm

    Those are some awesome specs, but I'm also holding off to see what Canon will come up with... I really wish for a 1080p/60fps & 720p/120fps, and a built in image stabilization.

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