Benro AD71FK5 Video Fluid Head Tripod Kit

What do you think about when you hear the name Benro? Maybe photography tripods? Photography monopods? Photography ball bead mounts? Benro is a pretty decent name when it comes to lightweight sturdy tripods, but they're not known to be dabbling into the video market (until now) [Thanks Deepak].

The New Benro AD71FK5 Dual Stage Video Tripod Kit is a 60mm bowl mount Fluid head, that is designed to support cameras weighing up to 11 lb (5 kg). Perfect for today's DSLR shooter. Not bad for specs, since Manfrotto's 701HDV is only rated at 8.8lbs. Reversible pan bar, a nice 4" sliding quick release plate, mid level spreader complete with travel bag. The sturdy and light-weight tripod extends from a minimum height of 28.1” (71.3 cm) to a maximum height of 60” (152.4 cm). I'm very interested to see how Benro is going to do with their only video tripod, but so far the price looks pretty good. These new Video tripods from Benro are already available via B&H (click here) and via Amazon (click here).

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16 thoughts on “Benro AD71FK5 Video Fluid Head Tripod Kit

  1. Paul

    It's the same as the Fancier legs (and head) and the Verizoom. Under the Fancier name (and a few other names including e-photo, cowboy studio etc) they do offer legs that are 75mm and 100mm bowls. Start your search on Amazon with "fancier tripod" and all the other names show up.

  2. MikeyMike

    Actually come to think of it it wasn't grease I added. I added silicone as it was stickier and that has worked well.

  3. MikeyMike

    Libec, M25, Impact, Tiltall and now Benro are all the same tripod. I happen to have the Tiltall version and had an M25...same thing. I had to open up the head and add some grease to make the pan have more tension. The quick release lock is in a horrible place if you are using DSLR's so you will have to figure out some way around it. Other than that it's a decent tripod.

  4. Altamiradora

    Benro's website is slow like the slowest slug you could find ! What a pain!

    They should have a server located outside china to make things easier.

  5. Joe G

    This is an identical copy of the Mathews M25 tripod, only difference is it's black and currently more expensive. I know because I own an m25.

  6. Altamiradora

    @pasmworkshop !!!

    This is what caught my attention ! In the video it says that the ball head is 60mm (correct me if I'm wrong).

    Manfrotto uses 75mm and other pro brands use 100mm bowl. The Manfrotto will sit on top ot the hole and not make decent contact.

    This is a real bummer ! The price is however very nice for a second tripod !

  7. Neil

    For the price I guess its ok... But I'm doubtful you could get smooth pans with that. No variable tension adjustment for pan or tilt. No counterbalance. The tripod leg locks look annoying as hell and easy to pinch your fingers on and what's with the whole 65mm ball mount? Where am I going to get an extra 10mm to make it work with other support mounts?

    Probably better staying with the 717 and saving your money.

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