DSLR House Cleaning – Garage Sale?


Outside of this blog, i'm busy with a few other projects. I need to make some additional space. I think it's fair to say i've collected a few items over the past year and it's time I did a bit of house cleaning. You know what they say, out with the old and in with the new. The problem has been finding the time to try and offload some of these items. I'm at the point where I may just hold a small garage sale - first come first serve. I'll have a small two hour window, you snooze you lose.

Some items i'm looking to pawn off are a couple of DSLR rigs, Rotating Skater Dollies, Follow Focus systems, Sliders, LCD monitors, lighting, and more. I won't go into specifics, but there's plenty of name brands like Gini, HanGrip, Konova, Express35, SmallHD, etc. etc. No DIY stuff. The question that's on my mind - is there anyone in the Bay Area that would show up? Or would I be wasting even more time?

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  1. Emm set up a table at my DSLR swap meet as we talked about over the phone:

    Here is the info for any other sellers or DSLR DP's in the Bay Area:

    December 4th 2011
    Sunday 11:30 - 5pm
    At 111 Minna Gallery

    Attention all video producers!

    Come by 111 Minna Gallery for a day filled with:
    *DSLR Video Workshops
    *DSLR Used Gear Swap Meet
    *Meet and interact with local Bay Area video producers & photographers

    DSLR and other used video & photo gear for sale including:

    -Nikon Prime Lenses
    -Canon Prime Lenses
    -Camera bodies

    1pm HDDSLR Workflow with Marlon Torres
    2pm Color Correcting Footage with Gary Coates
    3pm DSLR Rigs and Steadycam Setup with Chris Gonzalez

    Each workshop will be followed up by Q and A session

    If you would like to sell USED gear please email and include Seller in subject line
    [email protected]

    Cover Charge: $20
    2 FOR 1 DISCOUNT ($10 each)
    By Emailing both names and email addresses to:
    [email protected]

    21+ up with ID
    111 Minna Gallery
    111 Minna St
    (between 2nd St & New Montgomery St)
    San Francisco, CA 94105
    (415) 974-1719
    Time: Noon - 5pm

  2. Stice

    I am building my camera package now and need gear at a deal so would definitely be there. Let us know where and when and I will be there.

  3. Tyler A.

    I'd show up! I'm up in Davis but I'll drive down there for deal. Used to live in Brentwood and SF.

  4. Neokinso

    Yes! I just started into video making. I would love to see what you have for sale and try to pick up some starting equipment

  5. Kay O. Sweaver

    I'd be down if the deals were steal-worthy and you're close to BART or otherwise easy to reach by bike or transit.

  6. albert

    I would love to check out you gear emm, looking for a cheap slider. What if you made it like a ski swap, but a dslr swap could be cool.

  7. Emm, I own/operate a retail store with a pretty large backroom. If you drop off all your stuff here (Livermore, CA), I will be glad to take pictures and post them for your viewers, along with prices you want for each item. I can even video you talk about the main stuff and post it on Vimeo. It's like an extended garage sale as long as you want, since I am at the store all the time anyway. People have to pick up the items in person though. I am not equipped for boxing and shipping.

  8. Emm, I def would be interested in your gear, I'm in the Bay.

    Like a Macy "One Day Sale" you gotta get us foaming at the mouth ready to camp out on your lawn waiting for you to open the garage door and then bum rush the item we want.
    Attractive pricing is the key!

    If your trying to recoup near 100% then it might not be worth our time. Plus "Bay Area" is big so we have to factor in gas to get to your location.

  9. ghettodwarf

    If by Bay area you mean, inland Southern California, and nowhere near a bay...I would totally be there.

  10. Todd O

    Put everything in a pile, put a stickie note with a number on each item and let us pick what we want, sold as is.

  11. I think by the amount of traffic this post is getting you definitely need to put it up on Ebay, you have guaranteed sales.

    Ill stop by for some Lemonade and a Family of Pet rocks!

  12. terry_mickie


    I trust your judgment, (Hell, your site is the BIBLE of DSLR know how) Tell me the asking price and I'd buy it sight unseen. What would make that different than buying anything else online?

    Desperate in DC,


  13. Wao!!!!! Garage Sale! I'd say MEGA DSLR SALE!. Too bad I'm in the East Coast, NYC.
    This could be really big and successful if it's auctioned in your site thru Ebay. : )

  14. JJ La Britt

    I'm in Sac but I'll be in SJ this weekend. I have a bunch of equipment but if you're having anything out on Sunday I'll def come out.

  15. duderino

    Wait until the holidays when people are back home. Would definitely come when I'm back in town for Christmas.

  16. Tainbrain

    Quite a few folks in the Northbay, huh? 😉 I might be inclined to make the trip as well. Any way to be forwarded lists of stuff available and general prices or still too much work?

    Thanks for the amazing site, Emm... Really helping a newb get started, learn a ton and build the kit without breaking the bank with all the stuff needed to make great video.

    Count me in. This weekend? ha

  17. Jesse

    Bay area local here. Definitely interested if it's BART accessible. Are we looking at discounted prices, or are you trying to break even here? Either way, need to rebuild the rig ever since some jerk stole mine.

  18. Andy I

    I live in SoCal but I'll be up in SF shooting a wedding on Thanksgiving weekend. If you have it then I'd love to come out and see what you got for sale!

  19. Lol seriously if you email me all the pics and descriptions I would totally list all this stuff for you.

    As long as I get first dibs on some stuff 😉

    Good luck though, I wonder if it's worth it for me to fly out to Cali just to go to this epic garage sale...


  20. J Toha

    I personally love a forum-style of Buy & Sell system. It does have the hassle of Private Messaging, haggling and shipping, but it gives you more reach to the people out there, saves you ebay fees and if you have loads of items to sell, we're talking quite a bit of savings here.

    Now Emm, if only you don't mind shipping overseas....lol.

  21. Shane

    I'm sure a lot of people would be interested or show up to buy stuff if thats how you were going to do it (garage sale style)...but its hard to convince yourself to travel somewhere on the off chance there is something that you are looking for. A list of items or perhaps just a picture of the stuff at the very least...?

    Like i'd be interested in a monitor and slider (among other things...DR40, Mic, etc) but how would i know if its worth the gas to drive down from the north bay to the peninsula, east bay, south bay etc or wherever you are specifically located to buy stuff if I'm not sure if its something i want to buy or if its in my price range?

    Solution: You can hire me to list it all on ebay for you!

    Ha, but you get what i mean about that problem of having an idea of whats actually for sale and for how much...Definitely like the idea of buying stuff from a legit source though.

    Maybe just ebay a little at a time so its not so overwhelming and then post it on the blog to let everyone know its up for sale.

  22. I dont blame you, I too would love a shot but understand the hassle of ebay at times, and the big chunk they take with fees and paypal.

  23. Emm

    Post author

    @Bill Voelker - I'm trying to get rid of everything in one quick sweep. Being lazy to take pics, list on eBay, answer questions, pack and ship. That could take me weeks. I'm pretty busy right now and would rather just sell it out of the trunk of my car. LOL.

  24. Chris

    cant you just do it all via ebay?

    i know this requires more work on your part but surely you'll make more money?
    plus we all get a shot at it, not just bay area people.

  25. David

    Do it here in the GEAR section!
    I'm in Japan so I don't think I'll be able to make it to the Bay Area. 🙂

  26. BFG

    I will be up there for Thanksgiving and I am looking for a rig. I guess it depends on what you are selling and for how much but it would be fun to come by.

  27. Darius

    As a resident of Nashville I will speak for everyone outside California by stating you would be breaking a lot of hearts. Tons. Can't we work something out?

    PayPal, Skype, EBay? The first virtual garage sale?

  28. Aries V

    What? You have loyal readers all over the world and you're only going to open it up to Bay-area locals? Not fair.

  29. Nathan

    I'm in the Berkeley area. But since I am a student, I would have to take BART to where are you located.

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