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A nice look at the GoPro Cineform studio from Vimeo member Lucas Pfaff, and how it doesn't have to be used just for GoPro cameras. There's plenty of encoding options in the Cineform Studio to encode different video file types including DSLRs, and does an excellent job maintaining quality through the process. I know many who use MPEG Streamclip or Compressor before going into FCP, and this is another nice alternative. I'll have to try this out with my MTS files, see if it can convert those Sony HX9V files. [Thanks Serge].

You can download the GoPro Cineform Studio software for free following the link (click here).

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  1. thefoad

    Cineform Studio is not worth the download if you are running NVidia and AMD. The folks @ Cineform simply do not know how to do DPC programming... No concept of memory over there. It will crash your system, unless you uninstall, and reinstall every time you want to use it! Thats right folks, they cannot even get configuration correct! It is far better to get (any) other reliable program and avoid the hassle. What do you expect, it's free!

  2. tata

    Serge, Emm

    GoProCineFormStudioPremium- does convert MTS, even at 50p. very good news to me as a quite happy HX9v (EU model) owner. downside : its not free.

  3. Or you'll need avisynth (with VirtualDub) and you can open whatever file windows operating system can, if you have problems with native format.
    Create some avs file with a line like this: DirectShowSource("C:\whatandwhereyourmovieis.mp4").
    Drag and drop the created avs file over VirtualDub program.
    Then save as @SkunkWorks said.

  4. SkunkWorks


    Virtualdub will let you delete the audio track and save out the video (non-destructively... no re-encode if you check off "Direct Stream Copy" and choose "no audio" when saving).

    ... but that's if it can read your native format... haven't used it for years so I don't know if it will recognize your codec. It's worth a try... as far as I know it's still free.

  5. Raj

    Darn, that was not what I wanted. I was hoping this could be my quick and dirty solution for some video clips. Any freeware software out there that can nondestructively just nix the audio track and leave the video alone?

  6. @Raj,

    I meant you would have to remove it on your OE, Ex:(Premiere, Final Cut) Etc...

    This software if more of a quick turn around converter for batch processing, You can do basic task such as bumping the exposure, small tweaks in color correcting. But for bigger task and "REAL" edits you will need to do so in an OE which is as simple as selecting the audio track and clicking delete.

  7. Raj


    There's no option to delete the audio track, only the option to select "left" or "right" audio.

  8. @Raj, You can go about it 2 ways, press mute! 🙂
    or delete the audio track in your editor.

    @John, I have only been playing with it for about a 10 days and have not had any color loss issues. make sure to click on advance settings on the bottom of the screen and have it read "Quality High" and also click on remember settings, it be going back to a lower quality every time you use it and not remember its setting per clip.

    Also make sure to right click on the "C" logo in your task bar and have your decoder settings / filter 422 to 444 it is what others are stating to use in the forum and it has been working fine with all kind of footage without quality lose.

    Hope that helps.

  9. If you look in the comments section of the video on vimeo,
    David Newman the programmer states: " The High vs Low quality in conversion details is a cosmetic display update bug, the conversion does reflect your settings. Thanks for finding this, we will fix this in the next version. Lots more cool stuff coming.

    For more on the free GoPro CineForm Studio app, please see my vimeo screen cap.​30288044

    P.S. Don't overlook the Active Metadata corrections in the editing panel, these are high precision non-destructive image corrections (no rendering required). Corrections here happen in the GoPro-CineForm codec core, and it often has quality advantage over downstream processing in your NLE or compositor."

    The last part sounds very interesting... Will play around with it some more and see how I can fit it in to my work flow...

  10. Raj

    Not bad, but how do you mute the sound in editing? A lot of Gopro sound, like driving on the road, is just too noisy. I want to get rid of the sound track.

  11. You're welcome!
    Unfortunately its not working with MTS... 🙁
    I love the faster out converts for 422 then the other available options. great lil software to have for quick on the fly batch converts. Nothing Beats free!

  12. Very cool...although one of the best decisions I ever made was to bite the bullet and get Adobe Premiere to edit my Canon DSLR footage natively. Still good to keep up with these types of tools, though!

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