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Looking to license music tracks for your next project? Then check out Vimeo's new Music Store. For those of you who produce music, there could be a possibility your music tracks could get added to the Music store if you're registered with FreeMusicArchive or AudioSocket. More information following the link below. Check out

Vimeo Music Store
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6 thoughts on “Vimeo Music Store

  1. Vimeo's licensing model is nothing new. Production music libraries have been using the same model for years. Vimeo's physical media and advertisement prices seem a tad high, but 99/track for web licensing is actually a good deal if the quality is good. And 2/track for personal use is unheard of.

    @ dragbike You seem to be more familiar with buyout libraries. With a few exceptions, these are generally considered "bottom of the barrel" tracks. Needle drop licensing (Vimeo's model) is really common in the higher end sector.

  2. as always vimeo is over priced and over regulated...crazy as hell to charge the prices they can buy this but you cant use it for this and you can use it for this if you buy it for this...LOL...just another reason we no longer support that site...

  3. Shenan

    They answer the questions on their help pages. If you use their CC music, you MUST make your video CC as well, of the same CC-type. I seem to recall that they consider any showing that charges admission or shows ads as a commercial project. But check the site, and ask them if you're still not sure (I wasn't exactly clear on some intricacies).

  4. mike_tee_vee

    This is perfect for family or school projects. At least there's a choice. Other services like Premium Beat don't offer this choice.

  5. Jurgen

    I wonder, if you use it for a short that enters competition at filmfestivals, does it count as commercial use? And thus costs 98 dollar?

  6. Not a bad idea. I'd only use the creative commons though. I'm a bit new to cc.. in most cases is that okay to use for commercial use? The 98$ commercial price would kill me for music.

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