Sennheiser Files Lawsuit on Counterfeit


When it comes to going wireless with audio, you can't go wrong with Sennheiser products. Unless of course you've managed to purchase a counterfeit. Sennheiser will be filing a lawsuit against several companies for selling counterfeit Sennheiser gear, with no real mention on if there are very specific products - could be anything I guess. If you think you might be a buyer, you can follow some steps at their website:

3 thoughts on “Sennheiser Files Lawsuit on Counterfeit

  1. These headphones don't just look good - they are that good, all the way down to their high-tech insides. Exceptionally comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, they provide a perfect example of what exquisite headphones Sennheiser specialists can produce out of pure enthusiasm and solid years of experience and expertise. The beige exterior of the HD 598 high-end headphones features high-gloss burl wood parts with matching earpads - all this slendour betrays the HD 598 earphones as pure unadulterated elite in the eyes of everyone around. And people will be looking - Sennheiser products tend to draw attention.

  2. well I have used a Sennheiser wireless kit outside of a studio hundreds of times and I have never had any problems. I guess I don't usually get more than 3 meters away.

  3. jhonwa

    Let me tell that, senheiser wireless product is'nt intend to be use outside studio!

    Forget that kind of stuff if you need wireless on documentary live shooting
    it break all the time, it get RF noise even in short distance...

    when you plan buying wireless kit you need to check the mili-amp output power from the sending unit! under 50mamp you will get rf trouble in city, boat, train... big time!

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