JuicedLink Slider Review

I showed a simple way to motorize a Juicedlink slider, but didn't have time to go out for some full video clip samples. If you're wondering how smoothly it actually works, Vimeo member Chad Johnson has a review and provides some excellent examples of slider movements along with a JuicedLink jingle. You can find all the JuicedLink slider options over at the JL site (click here).

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8 thoughts on “JuicedLink Slider Review

  1. D Ben


    Have you raised this issue with Robert of JL? If not, and I'm asking this with respect--why not?

  2. I wanted to add a breif review of this product because i have had trouble finding good reviews and i have now had quite a bit of experience with it. I have now owned the slider for a few months and have been using it to shoot broll for tv shows. While this slider can produce stunning shots it does have some serious issues.
    First and foremost, stainless steel rods, unsupported in the center of the slider effectively behave like a spring, both up and down and forward and backward like a little tilt seesaw. I do not want and camera support gear to act like a springy platform, and unfortunately the jl slider does just that. The longer rails you use, the worse this problem gets. What this means in practice is that i end up throwing away a lot of footage because it is bouncy and unstable. This can be terribly frusterating and costly.
    Secondly, if you install a heavy lens like the canon 24-70l or heavier, the camera will sag forward as you near the center of the slide. Once again, a terrible effect that destroys shots.
    The bottom line, the team at jl needs to find a way to support the rods to eliminate these issues. The last thing i want as a professional shooter is a bouncy, springy, unstable shooting platform.
    Like i said, you can get some great shots, but plan on dumping a lot of unusable clips once you get a chance to review them.

  3. This is our first attempt to use the 8 footer at a wedding. Not the greatest example, as my shooter was using the slider for the first time, with a 498RC4 none the less, which is not a video fluid head, but I think you can clearly see the possibilities.


  4. Tina

    Emm ...

    Would think copper piping would work with this? The rods suggested by Juiced Link in the size that I want is like $70 (the shipping costs are killer).



  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Tina - Right now it always takes two tripods to use the JuicedLink in an elevated position. The short Konova can be used on one tripod. It's a matter of preference if you have to setup and breakdown quickly.

  6. So I might not be posting on this blog after today.
    I think I will cut my veins after hearing this jingle.
    My lawd! what in the word was that? But I guess the first who pitched the idea to Robert got the job. Music is horrible!

    The slider shots are awesome, so it makes up for it... with the volume down. 🙂

  7. Tina

    Would you recommend this slider or the Konova. I wondering if this is pain to set up and breakdown ...

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