Mick Fanning Surfs with first GoPro Video Array

A teaser shot 100% on GoPro HD cameras, showing what can kind of 'bullet-time' effect can be accomplished with the worlds first GoPro HD Video array. Firing off dozens of networked still cameras in a single frame is a technical hurdle for most, so a more popular idea is to extract a single video frame from each video clip. This is a time consuming post process, which looks like how this project was pulled off. I can't be sure, but a similar project was done using DSLRs not too long ago. [Thanks Jason]

11 thoughts on “Mick Fanning Surfs with first GoPro Video Array

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Bernd - I'm betting the issue with music is because YouTube runs advertisements and makes money from companies paying for AD spots. If they are making money from someone's music, then that's a commercial issue. Vimeo does not run advertisements and makes no money from people viewing videos.

  2. Bernd

    @ Tom
    Thanks a lot! I was able to watch it on Vimeo without any problem.

    @ 3pointedit and Jason
    Would really be interesting to know why Youtube blocks so many videos because they contain music owned for example by Sony Music Entertainment, while Vimeo doesn't care. But I know licensing is a complicated thing where the "Two lawyers, three opinions" principle applies 😉

  3. Jason

    Gopro always licenses the music before they use anything. Also because it was a commercial for RipCUrl..I guarantee you all their i's are dotted and t's are cross..as far as the music rights.

    I actually chatted with a few gopro chaps not too long ago about that..cause they were getting some awesome gems in their videos..They have a whole department dedicated to just that

  4. 3pointedit

    It's not that the copyright would not have been considered, it's just that every region has it's own agreements. Sadly there is no world wide rights release, unless you commision the music for the video.

    And it may be that the rights were paid for but a third party copyrights firm has automatically blocked the content to sue for money, with or without the rights. A sort of "shoot first and ask questions later" act.

    BTW what a cool idea, perfect match for a water proof HD camera. Always thought that a portable array would work well for this bullet time/sports scenario.

  5. Bernd

    It's always annoying when the author of a video uses copyrighted music without clearing the rights. So unfortunately, no one in Germany (and I suspect, in a lot of other countries, too) is able to watch the Mike Fanning video as it is being blocked by Youtube due to copyright infringement.

  6. Jason

    weird..my last name is johnson..haha...I thought I made back to back posts for a sec..haha eeire

    yea I saw that one too. Except the arrays were "only" 12 gopros "P. Still redic..that whole Ken Block Gymkhana series is redic!

  7. Jason

    Yea you're right, Ripcurl, same company that commissioned gopro for this array did something similar in august with a 52 DSLR array. This one used 48 gopros.

    editing and legalistic nightmare!

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