Linco Flora CFL Light with Remote

Linco is showing off a new light head that can be turned on/off with an included remote. The only problem is that from the specs, each head is linked to it's own remote. If you're running a few of these in studio, I can see how carrying a pocket full of remotes can get ugly confusing. Outside of the wireless remote gimmick, these Linco lights are one of the best performing CFL lighting kits for the buck with brighter light output, better color temperature, and less flickering. The heads are more durable and the proprietary umbrella-like softbox breaks down and sets up quick. It's about twice the price of the cheaper CFL Softbox lights I'm using in studio. Mine suck if you ever have to travel with them, but luckily they don't need to leave the building. The Linco Flora lighting kits are available on both Amazon (click here) and via eBay (click here).

find-price-button Linco CFL Flora Lighting Kits Softbox

find-price-button Linco CFL Flora Kits Softboxes - via Amazon

9 thoughts on “Linco Flora CFL Light with Remote

  1. Tony

    I'm going to buy some CFL softbox lights this week. My thinking (and budget) is to go with the china versions that emm is using. Linco is brighter, but they cost twice as much. I can buy 2 chinese for the price of one the combo should be brighter. My idea for the poor mobility of the chinese softboxes is to keep them "built" and transport them in heavy duty cardboard box.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob - My set begins to show up at around 1/160th shutter speed. Normally we're only shooting video at 1/50th so we room, but for photography sometimes you need a faster shutter. The Linco is better in this area.

    My set is also pretty hard to travel with since the softboxes can't easily be removed or setup. Once it's built, just leave it alone. If you require these lights to move from location to location, the Linco would be a better option, not to mention much brighter too.

  3. Hi Emm -

    I would think that an easy fix for the multiple remotes problem might be to buy a cheapo universal remote which will run up to six devices (mine was under 20 bucks), then assign the several remotes to a single clicker with assigned buttons (memorizing which buttons do which fixture might be the hard part).

  4. Amused Observer

    I bought the original Linco Flora head and have had nothing but great results. Also bought their smaller key light kit and bkgrnd kit... also good products.

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