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Vimeo member ephisus uses several strings of Christmas lights wrapped around a wreath frame to create a continuous ring light source. There's a definite catch light in the subject's eyes that smaller diameter ring lights have a hard time achieving (unless you're super close). The trick to making these catch lights smaller or larger is to move it closer or further away from the subject. I like the ring light effect, but some people see it as 'unusual'. If you pull your light source a bit further, you'll just get a clean round dot. Simple build, no soldering, with an estimated cost of about $25 dollars. [Thanks Joel]

These type of stringed bulbs are getting harder to find now that LED XMAS lights are inexpensive to make, use less power, and generate no heat. Check your local hardware stores, but online i've only managed to find two that might output enough light.

10 thoughts on “DIY Ring Light – WreathLight

  1. Thank you!!! I can really use this for my blog for circle lens reviews and what not! Ring lights in my country are horribly expensive and the affordable ones are always out of stock! This is awesome 🙂

  2. Rob

    @alex Ha, I actually thought he was adding some kind of soft focus diffusion to the scene. You're probably right about the flare. He probably needs a backing plate to direct the light better.

  3. If he would just add a ring/layer at the back that prevents the light from flaring his lens it would deliver better footage.
    Right now it looks underwhelming and horribly soft.

  4. alex

    You don't really want diffusion with a ring light. The whole point is to make it wrap around, but hard. Look at all the Profoto strobe lights. The problem with his light is that it flares his lens. His lens is getting as much light as the subject is.

  5. Simon

    I think clear bulbs need some diffusion or frosted bulbs would be more flattering and easier to control on backgrounds.

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