Practice Run Electric SkateBoard + HX9

Another practice run on the Electric Skateboard. I'm determined to learn how to ride this thing, and I think I'm getting pretty comfortable. I picked up quickly for someone who never really knew how to skate. I had to warm up a 21 year old car and decided it would be fun to chase it around. Surprisingly this car still gets her 35+ MPG and passed the smog so clean, the Smog techs were in awe. Keep in mind i'm still not shooting with a Video camera Stabilizer, this is all with a short Velbon UltraStick monopod and the Sony HX9 point and shoot camera. The full 1080/60p helps with these moving shots. I'm almost pretty comfortable to take out my Steadicam Vest and Glidecam setup, so that should yield much better results.

find-price-button Sony DSC-HX9 Digital Camera Full 1080 60p

14 thoughts on “Practice Run Electric SkateBoard + HX9

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Jarrett towe - The Sony HX9 point and shoot is pretty automatic. It's shooting at 1080 60p. You can rewrap it with software httpss:// and then use compressor to Prores.

  2. Jarrett towe

    Emm, what video settings did you use filming this clip? I'm struggling getting artifact free footage, plus I'm trying to figure out the whole mts to final cut thing. Footage on LCD looks perfect but in the display in fcp looks badly artifacted, but I'm an fcp newbie.

  3. I was thinking this camera could be mounted onto the flash hotshoe ontop of a 60D while being flown on a Glidecam. This way you could have the option of slowmotion and 24p real time footage. What do you think? Would this work?

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  5. Emm

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    @videoguy916 - Here you go. httpss://

  6. videoguy916

    Emm, how are you converting the .mts files from the HX9?

    I have spent the last two hours trying to get HX9 1080 60p footage into Final Cut Pro 7.

    Mpeg streamclip doesnt recognize it
    Compressor doesn't recognize it
    Quicktime pro doesn't recognize it
    FCP doesn't recognize it
    I have CS5 also, but never use it. Can I convert it there somehow to get it into FCP 7??


  7. Diesel


    Hot! Love the music selection...hilarious! Ironically, the car looks pristine, lol

  8. Joel

    I love the quality of your HX9. Just got my Sony HX9 Friday .... shot some 60p over the weekend, it rocks.

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