Panasonic G3’s Become Available

It's official. The Panasonic G3 cameras are out (on Amazon at least). I feel like most people are waiting for something better, but if you've been eyeballing one of Panny's latest digi-cams to be released this summer, check it out. (Not to be confused with the awaited GF3 which should be released in the next month or so)

Panasonic G3
find-price-button Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 16 MP Micro Four-Thirds Free-Angle Touch-Screen

2 thoughts on “Panasonic G3’s Become Available

  1. Swester

    I do NOT understand these manufacturers' obsession with touch screens now. They are downright awful, especially on a screen of this size. You can't train your brain to change settings without looking (like you can with tactile buttons), and they are a pain in the ass to use in the winter, if you are wearing gloves.

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