5 thoughts on “Current Canon Rebates

  1. Did you see the Mark ii refurbs are out of stock??? WTF?

    I called them last week, lady said they had a ton in stock at the time. Anybody know where I can still get one?

  2. HD-tography

    Red Giant B&H Video Production Software Bundle ($494.95 Value)

    Yeah you get:

    Magic Bullet QuickLooks
    Magic Bullet Grinder (Mac only)
    Magic Bullet PhotoLooks
    Knoll Light Factory for Photoshop
    DeepColor RT Engine
    ProRes Standard/Proxy & PhotoJPEG
    HDR Processing/32-bit Support
    Optical Processing Engine
    Real-time Preview Support
    Obscuration/Tint Layers


    Free! Not Too Shabby!

  3. Chris

    "Free Item Included:
    Red Giant B&H Video Production Software Bundle ($494.95 Value)"

    thats from the 60d page..

  4. Sooo many rebates but where is my 5dmkiii?!!?!?!

    Sigh. I bought the cheapest one available at the time, t2i (ignoring t1i bc 720 is for bitches) and I want to upgrade damn't!!

    PS: I shot this video and entered this contest: https://imon.tc/3504i
    And if all the cheesys can do 2 things...1. VOTE!!! a lot!!! every two hours please!!!
    and 2. tell me what you do to color your videos?! I did nothing to the video in the link but THEN just added a lil color saturation and crushed the blacks slightly and it added a WORLD of difference. that was all in final cut. what do you guys use? what do you do?
    I've never done a lot of color tweaks before so I'm starting from scratch I guess. Thanks!!!

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