No Fog LCD View Finder

Yes, even high end view finders could fog up. Tested a few things, and this FOGTECH anti-fog liquid works great and is easy to apply. Just apply it with a wet pad and let it dry for 5 seconds. Makes a huge difference. A good thing to wipe on the GoPro HD Hero as well when working in humidity. Enjoy the tip, found below.

find-price-button FogTech Anti Fog Tech 30ml Bottle For Paintball Mask

9 thoughts on “No Fog LCD View Finder

  1. meltdownman

    I will have to try this on my scuba mask when I go diving. There are other drops for scuba masks (e.g. seadrops) but they are pretty thick in consistancy because you are likely to get some water in the mask. I will give this stuff a go and see how it works in a saltwater diving environment.

    The Meltdownman

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  3. alex

    Living here in humid Southeast Asia, fogging is a huge problem for me. This seems like it will do the trick!! Thanks Emm!!!

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Matthew Carr - The liquid drops can last you years. It doesn't take much to apply it, and you can use any cloth to wipe it onto the glass piece. (Also safe on plastics).

  5. thanks mate, very handy!! a foggy eye piece is a nightmare!! just bought from ebay 10x sachets (for easy carrying)

    thanks again

  6. Matthew Carr

    Nice, I wonder how long an application lasts. If it lasts a year the 5 small packets for $6.16 would be my choice.

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