Duopod Stabilizer Concept

Looks like it's still in the prototype phase (hence the poor shaky video samples), but the Duopod from Vimeo member Mountkestrel is a double shoulder support stabilizer, that then transforms to a 'Steadicam-like' handheld stabilizer. Interesting concept, I wish them all the best. But like similar products that are designed to be multi-function, i'm sure it can do good in either mode, but maybe not the best. Example: Manfrotto's ModoSteady 3-in-1 Stabilizer and Support System - (Don't buy the ModoSteady). We'll have to wait to see more of how this concept is finalized and pricing if it ever becomes available on the market. For something that isn't specialized to one purpose, my opinion is that if they can't put it on the shelves for around $250 bucks, it might be a tough sell. [Thanks Alex]

5 thoughts on “Duopod Stabilizer Concept

  1. Barry Sanders

    The fact they didn't posts actual shots from the camera being used means that this was a proof of concept video. The product shown probably doesn't even actually work yet.

    There a company on Ebay that sells shoulder mounts. They have a video of someone using it, but no actual footage from the camera that was on the shoulder rig.

    That's not a good way to market your product.

  2. yikes, for someone who is trying to sell a stabilization product they could have used some for there promotional video. It doesn't instill a lot of confidence in there product. did they use prototype A to shoot prototype B? I'm going to have to wait and see what Final product Z shoots like before I drop any coin on this product.

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