Opteka Straight Shoulder Rig

Opteka DSLR Shoulder Rig Stabilizer

Opteka is now offering a shoulder rig stabilizer. Very basic with a pair of straight rods, shoulder pad, mounting plate, cross bar, and two handles. A decent set up to minimize rotation. Claims to be made of heavy duty aluminum construction and standard 15mm compatible (for most accessories). You can find it available following the link (click here).

Opteka Straight RigOpteka Straight Rig
find-price-button Opteka Shoulder Rig Camera Stabilizer 15mm

Also available via Amazon below (click here)
Opteka Straight Rig
find-price-button Opteka Shoulder Rig Stabilizer

20 thoughts on “Opteka Straight Shoulder Rig

  1. Jules

    Just got mine and seems great. I agree with the shoulder pad comments but reckon for the price I can live with it. Any solutions to the offset issue, Redrock Microlink 4 or Jag35, has anyone tried these, you would need 2 more rods to slide the baseplate onto right? (first rig, excuse silly q's) Just waiting on the post to arrive with the Opteka FF180 Reversible Follow Focus, anyone tried this? Cheers!

  2. Austin M

    It's a great rig, and i love mine. But, Do you think theres enough room to mount a follow focus, say a lanparte?

  3. imgpro615

    ...got it last week...loving it...for all intents and purposes, it IS a Red[ORANGE]rock Micro straight rig...
    If i get one of those offset pieces [why since i use a DIY EVF?] and use a set of short rails, i can easily have a very cost effective Redrock Micro "Eye Spy" setup...

    ...since i am used to using a run and gun set like the Zacuto Striker [polaroid chest stabiliser], the shoulderpad so many complain about is a welcome change...with a QR plate attached it CAN be a bit awkward, even uncomfy, to use depending on the length of the plate...that aside, it works quite well and is worth the small coin spent...compare it to the big name wallet-rapists...i mean companies...COMPANIES...and you will see it has value
    I hope this helps anyone on the fence like i was...

  4. imgpro615

    lookin fwd to mine getting here...this plus the polaroid "target shooter" is a great system!

  5. Thank you so much, Emm. Such a good deal! 😀
    I have a few questions though...

    Are there any counterweight bars or anything, or would I have to screw through the thing to attach some?

    Also, how is it focusing with one of these? I imagine you would take one hand up off of the handles. Wouldn't that mess up the balance?

    *I have no experience whatsoever with one of these, but I'm skeptical about getting one.*

  6. Joe fotosiamo

    Nice rig! I just got a GH2 and am looking for a lightweight rig that I can also mount a focus follow and a matte box. I do like this and would love to see more photos by you guys who have it!

  7. @ David. Are you planning on adding an offset to use with a viewfinder? I'm torn between this one and the Cinecity 6" cage. I was planning on using my cowboy studio shoulder rig with the cinecity cage. My only concern is how to make it offset. Any ideas?

  8. Got this in the mail.. I'd say a good buy if you want something simple and solid. Great for my t3i and hmc150. Handles are soft and comfortable, plus they stay very solid when tightened (I heard some bad reviews about jag35 handles.. which is ridiculous considering they're price difference). Threads are under the tip of the shoulder pad for a QR plate.

    I didn't feel like building my own rig from scratch and end up paying about the same so this works. Also, I'll probably replace the orange and go all black. And then DIY the counter weight.

  9. Joe G

    Does anyone know where I might find some replacement thumb screw fasteners for this that aren't orange?

    Everything else looks solid for the price!

  10. @ Joshua - Can you post some pictures of your rig with it setup? Also, are all the parts made of aluminum? It looks like the tightening knobs and other parts that hold the rods is plastic. How do you think it will hold up? Using professionally but babying it too. What kind of mattebox are you using? I'm looking at the D|Focus and the Cine City stuff but can't decide on one. I'm leaning towards the Cine City since it comes with side flags. Looks to be better quality too.



  11. I bought and used this rig on a shoot a week ago. It's a very easy rig to use, however the shoulder pad isn't so comfortable. We used the Opteka Counterbalance weight that you can buy for $30 additionally. After we rigged it up with a Marshall monitor, a follow focus, a cinetape range finder, a mattebox and a few other things it picked up a good amount of weight. It was very easy to shoot with for a straight rig, however it's hard to get those really good shots when you're constantly having to keep it at shoulder level. However it works as a great rig for the price! Definitely would recommend to others!

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @marshall - Here's one idea httpss://cheesycam.com/diy-counter-weight-solution-for-shoulder-rigs/

  13. marshall

    Defiantly thinking about picking on of these up, just gotta figure out a way to make a cheap counter weight. Anyone got any suggestions?

  14. Rabi

    The price is low enough for this to be fairly compelling. You'd probably want to add a few pieces to it, like a counterweight, but that's not a bad price for the pieces you get.

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