Crocolis HD Extreme Sports Camera?

Crocolis HD Sports Camera

Check out the first image (above left). That image definitely depicts this as a true "Extreme Sports" camera in my book. LOL. In the last month, there's more people talking about a fairly new Crocolis HD Sports Camera. In full 1080p mode, it has quite an almost normal 140 degree FOV (field of view) which is quite nice if you want something a bit different than the super wide fisheye look. I'm not sure what's going on in the beginning of this video (below), but jump on in at about 0:37 seconds, and you'll see some very clear and sharp underwater footage from this camera (no flat lens adapter required).

The HD Sports action camera has a 1.5" TFT LCD screen, rechargeable Li-Ion battery, built in microphone, claims a whopping 16 megapixel (still photo), video resolutions and frame rates in 1080p @30fps/25fps, [email protected]/30fps/25fps, and [email protected]/120fps, a 4x Zoom. Behind a rear door you'll find a mini HDMI port out, 3.5mm Microphone input, USB 2.0. The camera is waterproof in it's own housing. In the same bundle package are necessary cables, and adapters for a variety of sports mounting solutions.

Crocolis HD Sports Camera

Example on RC Helicopter - best viewed in HD

Crocolis HD Camera

Now Crocolis is doing an excellent job with marketing and brand recognition, but there's other names this camera falls under. If you can locate this under it's most basic name, you'll find it at a much cheaper price. You can find some of these HD video cameras on auction following the link (click here)

Crocolis HD Video Camera
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14 thoughts on “Crocolis HD Extreme Sports Camera?

  1. Hugh

    OK, just checked, and I have had this camera for three and a half years, and using it a few times each week.
    Flexi cable is splitting and rendering the display and buttons on the rear panel useless.
    Great camera, but this is a weakness in the design.
    I've not found any spare parts for this yet, which is a pity, and I think everyone will eventually need to either fix this problem, or get a new camera.

  2. Hugh

    I've had my camera for a while now, using it two or three times a week on my bike. The weak point if the flexi cable connecting the display and buttons to the camera.
    You have to open the camera to charge it, and every time you do there is stress being placed on that connection.
    I first noticed something wasn't right when the buttons under the display didn't work with the camera closed, but would work when open.
    No the display has gone as well.
    Can no longer adjust the settings, but could connect an external monitor I suppose, if I need to make changes.
    Will keep using it as long as the power LEDs on the rear cover keep working, but can no longer view the video I've recorded on the display.
    I believe that with enough use, or age, this will happen to all of these cameras.
    Looking for some spare parts for it, but haven't found any yet.

  3. tom hardwick

    Just done some low-light tests on the Extreme cam. The WVGAP 60 and 30 modes are awful. Next best is the 720/60p, then 720/50p. Best settings are 1440x1080/25p and 1280x720/25p. Use the latter setting if you want the greatest wide-angle coverage but with slightly lower resolution.

    'Full HD' (1929x1080/30p) is a good stop less sensitive than 1440x1080/25p. Can't think why.

    Best setting overall appears to be 1440x1080/25p at 7.83mbps A bit jerky in the pans of course but the 'more normal' 142 degree coverage makes the barrel distortion less of an issue.

  4. tom hardwick

    Well here's proof that my Extreme cam's waterproof - at least down to 2 metres. These three minutes were snipped out of about 30. Shot mainly in 720/50p for the greatest wide-angle (172 deg in air, so very nearly a FFFE - full frame fish eye). What's that under water - 120 deg?

    The cam struggles in low light, and under water you must lose another 1½ stops or so. Footage looked underexposed and the GoPro did better in the same conditions. The 7.8mbps is borderline for fast action as you'll see. It's so-so hi-def, but clicking the 720 or 1080 buttons may make it look better your end.


  5. tom hardwick

    I've had this Extreme cam for a month or so now and I'm impressed. I've used and tested the GoPro and I was quite staggered by the excellent quality of the footage it gave (if you can live with pretty horrendous CMOS jello) but under water it was 'soft VHS quality', and for something costing 3X the price of this Extreme cam that's not good enough.

    Don't forget you have to pay extra for the GoPro's screen and then buy a bigger UW housing - the Crocolis comes complete, everything except a lens cap. (I use the top off a small can of WD40 - fits a treat).

    The Extreme cam is completely water tight to 2 metres (that's how deep our pool is) and although the audio is pretty ropey it records the splashes and laughter ok. On dry land you can open the rear door and the audio gets much better.

    The lens is f/3.6 as against the GoPro's f/2.8 so the cam's not as good in low light, but as a stills cam it will shoot at ½ sec using 400 ISO, so it can see in the dark.

    I'm impressed as I say. It's fun, easy to use, has a built-in intervalometer and the menu is deep and easy to fathom. OK, the GoPro gives better footage - mainly because it uses twice the recording bit rate. But 3x dearer doesn't make it 3x better in my book.


  6. Mario

    I am sooooo happy I did not buy the overpriced GoPro. This is what I was waiting for. As soon as I get it I will upload to YouTube some underwater swimming-pool shots 🙂

  7. K-Note

    The youtube user named "techmoan" did a review on this. FYI IP68 is supposedly waterproof up to 1-3 meters. 1080p setting is strictly 30fps and a bit zoomed in, and 720p is zoomed out with either 30 or 60fps (same as the gopro hd hero). only faults found were:
    1)the mic wasnt very good (but neither is the gopro's)
    2)intense vibration created waviness in the video (only big advantage that the gopro has, but can possibly be cured with a fully tightened mount or a vibration pad)

    All in all, I'd say it's worth it!

  8. Rory Cooper

    I did some side by side runs with a Croc and a Gopro and the image quality was same.
    The Croc was better in that it had exposure compensate and to change between formats was a breeze compared to the GoPro
    4.2.0 color space h264. At 3 meters underwater it was OK.

  9. jason

    The dropped frame juttery look is terrible and tons of compression in the water shots. Maybe it's an export problem from the users but I'm not that impressed. The thing is huge compared to the GoPro too.

  10. MarcTGFG

    IP68 standard, means that sustained coverage by water is ok.

    But it doesnt say, how deep you can use it under water and which pressure it will withstand. My interpretation: They are dodging one the central questions buyers will ask (themselves).

  11. Chris

    for some reason the colorspace/compression just looks horrid.

    i've never seen worse looking 720p video than what was in that second selection...

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Marooned - A sample video in the ocean, and a link to the product. Obviously more waterproof than just rain. I won't bore you with details, you can find that information by reading the product I've linked to.

  13. "The camera is waterproof in it’s own housing." - such information gives us almost nothing as it might mean "waterproof against the rain" or "waterproof up to 100m under the water" - would be good to provide such information along with "waterproof" word. Thanks.

  14. "a true “Extreme Sports” camera in my book" Indeed!
    I like the shape and built in waterproof casing, I hate having the nerve wrecks every time a go pro is required to go in the water, You never know if the casing is cracked or nicely closed and secured.

    The field of view is awesome but in the case of surfing its not wide enough on a board we will get a lot of head cut off as we can clearly see, the under water footage is nice, the size of the LCD is no larger than a stamp that's like 1994 Minolta camera size screens!

    Go pro has got some competition and its about time.

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