Gini Black / Red Anodized Lens Gears

Another new item added to Gini's product line. There isn't very much information on these new universal Follow Focus lens gears from Gini, but from past prototype photos, these could be those metal ones now with an anodized plating. Metal lens gears? Don't see that too often. So far the auction doesn't clearly state what the maximum or minimum diameter lenses these will support, but my guess is a circumference of at least 10". Check them out at the store (click here).

Screen shot 2011-10-30 at 5.04.24 AM
find-price-button Gini Universal Follow Focus Lens Gears

8 thoughts on “Gini Black / Red Anodized Lens Gears

  1. I think if these manage to grip well (without damaging the lens wheel) this could be an EXCELLENT solution to a problem I've been having for a while.

    Consider for instance, your basic flexible rubber universal lens gear. They're great 'coz they're cheap and they do the trick. BUT, I've had guys that I work with being unable to use them because their Zeiss lenses are just too tight and the rubber ones lose grip. The plastic versions of these that you get from Hong Kong are just cheap and nasty, and who wants to dish out $70 for crappy plastic?

    If we can get some more information here, I'd much rather invest in these!

  2. andrew

    just got the gini follow focus and one of his custom gears with the baseplate i ordered. the gear is pretty massive, comes with two sets of mounting screws but its very annoying to get it on and off lenses, even to if you have a smaller lens like me, nikkon ai primes, you need to find longer screws to secure it....i think im going to go with a trummst gear, but the follow focus i got has the old gear box which hits the camera unless attached to a VERY wide gear.

    overall.....impressed with the quality of the gini gears but disgusted by their impracticality

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @bulb - unfortunately no. but you can't argue well crafted high quality parts on a budget price.

  4. Rob

    Those look pretty interesting. Hopefully, the price goes down a little. Trusmt also offers a four ring set for less than half the price. Anybody have any experience with them? I'm really tempted to pull the trigger.

  5. As always with Gini, he's got great quality and sketchy information. For $144 or so shipped, you get four gears but no info on diameter. I emailed him, occasionally he replies. My question would be, since it looks like the way to fit them would be unscrewing those screws, and if you don't have dedicated video lenses, and you use your glass between stills and video, it does not seem very practical to have those gears on permanently. Am I wrong?

    One more question, I'm looking into the Fotga DP500 for a tripod base plate for my rig. You've mentioned them on some other posts, but do you have any personal experience with their products? They're a different company from Jinfinance/RJ focus, correct?

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