Delkin Sports Cam – WingmanHD

Delkin Wingman HD Video Camera

Delkin steps in to offer a 1080p HD video sports camera called the WingmanHD. Naming convention and marketing images familiar? The little cam has a built in HDMI, 1.5" LCD, 3x Zoom, composite A/V and USB ports. Comes with waterproof housing and available with a variety of mounting options. No sample videos online that I could find just yet, but I doubt it's anywhere near the level of GoProHD.

Delkin WingManHD

With the latest wireless offerings offered in the GoPro HD Hero 2, I think Delkin could be stepping in a little too late in this market, and they'll need to seriously consider changing their pricing options if they want to stay afloat. Some additional information at the Delkin website, and the units already available at B&H (click here)

delkin hd sports cameraDelkin Wingman HD
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14 thoughts on “Delkin Sports Cam – WingmanHD

  1. Surya P

    The joke with this Delkin Wingman of Freestyle HD by Swann, same products I guess but just a bit cosmetic difference, once in the waterproof housing you cant turn it off or ON because the ON/OFF switch is a slider version and does not get any such switch from the waterproof housing which both are push buttons type...check it out.


  2. Jason

    Serge, wow...I don't even know where to're just simply stating your opinion and making huge assumptions based on what you see advertised.

    Ive shot weddings, commercials and documentaries and many other things you didn't mention in your comprehensive list of what gopros shoot. And everytime there has been a wifi connection. And if there isn't, its a simple solution of using 3g/4g mifi/hotspot.

    Also no one said you had to control 50, its UP to 50. Most people I know have 2+ gopros. The wifi will be a godsend for me and the majority of serious gopro users out there. I can link you to a dozen plus videos were 12-48 gopros were used in ONE shot.

    Just because you cant see a use for it personally, doesn't mean it won't be a killer feature.

    I suggest you go rent or buy multiple gopros and go out and shoot with them by yourself.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Vincent - The old GoPro with the LCD BacPac is plain english. Menu is very simple. The new GoProHD Hero 2 has an entirely new menu even without the LCD BacPac. They've improved it quite a bit.

  4. Have you used the gopro ? The UI is so terrible ! This camera has LCD and what looks like an OK interface. If it has 1080p 60 I buy it over the last gopro

  5. $249 is a competetive price given that it has a built in LCD which is something you have to spend $79 on the go pro. The new wifi upgrade is not a must since its something that no one has had yet nor knows how well it performs and have to wait 2 months for.

    Most go pro's are used in open areas that wifi or hot spots are not available... Sea, Air, mountain ski slopes, parachutes, dessert, motocross... Etc.

    I dont see a use anytime soon to control 50 cameras unless its for one of those already over played commercials a la matrix. I hope the specs are as good or surpass the go pros.

  6. Jason

    video over WiFi is brilliant and perfect for the GoPro. I personally set up my cams in multiple places. to be able to start/stop and view live recording without having to run around like a madman will be a huge plus. I used 4 gopros on my last shoot. I work alone with no assistants, WiFi shooting is a must for me

  7. if it offers a non-fisheye lens, that's improvement enough for me, I'm happy to trade for that all the features I won't use anyway (like wireless anything)

  8. Martin

    lcd-display and zoom-function are great, but no video-demo and no detailed specs on framerates and modes on the webpage? I am just about to buy the new gopro, but maybe i'll wait a few days until we get some more infos on this cam...

  9. Haha, I see what you did there... "stay afloat"

    Thing that bugs me is the giant glass element in front of the lens... I hope that that piece is easily removable/replaceable.

    I can image in any kind of high risk situation where you would use this over a higher end camera, that front element is a big target with big potential for damage.

    I will say this though, the flat black looks less like a toy and more professional than the GoPros do.

  10. Im not sure if the video over wifi will be all the rage with the new GoPro 2 but yeah a bit too late and no videos, who puts out a product now a days with no video demos? #Fail!

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