View finder T2i, 60D, 5D Mark II, 7D, Nikon

find-price-button New LCD View Finder for Canon T2i, 5D Mark II, 7D and other 3″ LCD’s

Ok, I received this earlier in the mailbox but got caught up in a long shoot today. I'll get back in the studio tomorrow to shoot some photos comparing it with other viewfinders, but I wanted to at least point you guys to this new line of viewfinders. These photos are from the store. Quality is great for the price. If you were happy with the LCDVF 'clones', you'll be even more happy with this version, especially since even the clones are over priced now.

A great looking design with different versions available to support the T2i LCD's (which means 60D aspect), and a version for the Canon 5D Mark II & 7D. I'm not a Nikon shooter, but I believe if it's a standard 3 inch LCD, the proper 3" version (5DM2 version) should work fine. It comes with a very large soft comfortable eyecup (that you don't need to buy seperately), and i'll test later if it works with my Blue Star eye cushion too. The magnets are different than the cheap stuff and feels very solid. There's some notches on the metal frame I believe helps keep the item from shifting and coming loose. I'll have to test the fit on a GH2 to see what that looks like.



find-price-button New LCD View Finder for Canon T2i, 5D Mark II, 7D and other 3" LCD's

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New LCD View Finder for Canon T2i, 5D Mark II, 7D and other 3″ LCD’s

95 thoughts on “View finder T2i, 60D, 5D Mark II, 7D, Nikon

  1. DL

    These things are priced so strangely on ebay. A V2 I bought for 16 bucks on ebay works perfectly fine for my needs, but the same seller put it back up for 40.

    Still, a simple search reveals now plenty of V3 versions that have the 1/4" removable adapter... still 16 bucks. They claim a glass lens and my V2 does seem to have that. Magnets and adhesives are plenty strong so far, I haven't noticed any color cast, and the felt on the inside seems fine enough.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @V - The aspect will be 3:2 or just look for the one dedicated to a 60D. There are three different ways to mount the viewfinder to a 60D.

    1. You can use a velcro strap if you want the LCD to be folded out: httpss://
    2. You can use a metal bracket that sticks to the LCD, but this means you can't fold the LCD back into the camera with the LCD facing in.
    3. There is a metal bracket that screws under the camera: httpss://

  3. V

    Hi there! I´m wondering to get the Cowboy Studio Shoulder Mount and a viewfinder to use it succesfully. I don´t have any ideas about viewfinders but I´m reading a lot here and learning as fast as I can, thank so much for that, all of you do it possible 😉 My question is: Would this viewfinder work with my 60D and the Cowboy Studio Shoulder Mount? Just need to be sure, I´m reading above that some of you get one and then it dind´t work with your cameras and I´m not an advanced english reader, so...well, to sum up:
    -Does this viewfinder works with the 60d display on the camera (not out, i dont know if you understand me) and with the Cowboy S.S.M?
    -Wich aspect ratio should I choose for my 60D? The seller on ebay would tell me, I hope, but If i´m informed first...
    Well, thanks so much, I´ll be waiting for someone to help me ^^

  4. hey guys, i lost my strap... of my viewfinder (originally a Meike) and i have no clue where to get one from... the vfinder should hav the same starp as far as I can see!
    any Idea?

  5. Bernardo

    Hello, does anybody knows how can I replace the eyepiece on this viewfinder?

    after a while it is starting to break and it looks like there's anything I can do to replace it, it is glued to the viewfinder.

  6. Paul Abrahams

    I just got the Cary Speed LCDVF for my 60D. The frame doesn't fit snug against the camera. Perhaps with an extra washer it might. The magnets work fine but the frame constantly moves. The magnification is not enough to focus with and the optics are not great. I'm not sure if it an inherit thing with these cheaper gadgets but the optics do not seem to handle panning too well.

    I didn't find it any easier to focus compared to viewing the LCD both are too small.

    The Hoodman might be a better fit with its elastic straps. The Hoodman also has adjustable focus for those with less than 20/20 vision.

    I see Pros using LCD screens for focussing not LCDVF's now I know why. The one plus for this is the extra stabilisation point against the face.

    So far not impressed.

  7. Bought this... first one fell of after an hour. Used second one and left it to stock to the LCD overnight.
    Next shoot.. magnets are just not strong enough... waste of my money.

  8. tr0

    Just a warning... don't buy anything below Vfinder.
    I've ordered V2 from eBay (for like 17 bucks) and it's crap.

    Glue doesn't hold, inner coating is made from thousands of little fibers (hairs?) which smudges on your fingers and they fall onto glass loupe -> visible hairs on LCD, and the paint of the magnet sucks - it gets off if you pull it with scotch tape.

  9. Just picked one of these up last week. I got it in the mail less than 72 hours later. So far i LOVE it! For around 40$ its definitely a great deal. Very well made and the magnetic connection plate is really unobtrusive on the cameras body. I highly recommend it.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Amila C Kamarasinghe - The sticky frame should be pretty strong, you don't want to do anything stronger and ruin the LCD. My metal frame held on very well, did you clean the LCD from oil before placing it on?

  11. Hay Mr, Emm. I bought this with the frame that can be plug to the tripod mount. its working properly. and i ordered the separate metal frames to stick to the LCD on my 60D. (because when we using tripod mount frame, we cant flip out the LCD)

    then totally disappointed, 🙁 because after stick the frame to the LCD, when we hang the viewfinder, it drops when hanging. 🙁

    cant remove the viewfinder and that remves with the metal frame stuck to the lcd.

    the glue is not enough strength to hang that viewfinder for my experience.

    any solution for that please?

    Thank you . .

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @kruzer - There is also something like this: httpss://

  13. kruzer

    Too bad you can't use a v-finder with a battery grip. What we need is an extention or a frame that could be attached to the bottom of the battery grip.

    The battery don;t last long when using the movie function and that's where I need the grip and the V-finder which I have. I may have to make one myself 🙂

    If you have a solution for this please email me.


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  15. Emm

    Post author

    @vision - You can use a Letus Hawk with an adapter like this: httpss://

  16. Emm

    Post author

    @alex - This happens to even the best view finders including my Letus Hawk and Varavon.

  17. hey, nice idea... I will give it a try! It's the Meike MK VF 100 Viewfinder... did you hear about any similar stories about fogging up? I always have to move my head away from the viewfinder after shooting for a minute... that's annoying!!

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @alex - Yes it's basically just a tough glue. You could try adding some anti fog spray, the stuff divers use in their masks. Stuff like this:

  19. not really... I guess. . . i was thinking about that but unsure... where can u get epoxy? Is that glue?

    Also i have a problem that the viewfinder fogging up...
    ever heard about that or having a similar problem?

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @alex - If you have an LCD protector sliding over, is there a reason you don't want to use epoxy to permanently set the frame on the LCD protector?

  21. hey, so i bought a viewfinder a while ago with a plastic sticky frame...and i am using that with a screen protector, that was recommended on cheesycam last year... now my viewfinder fits great to the sticky frame, but the sticky frame seems to come of the camera a lot..any idea how to fix this? double sided tape? lock tight?
    are there any extra sticky frames available somewhere on eBay or Amazon etc.?

    help would be appreciated!!!


  22. Emm

    Post author

    @AJ - It's the same size screen, but if you're looking for the thread type frame, it might not line up the same.

  23. AJ

    Do the newer, t3i and the older t2i have the same size and aspect lcd screen? The reason that I ask is that I went to order one from the Ebay link above and there was only one for the t3i with no mention of whether it would work on the t2i.


  24. Edward

    I recently purchased an LCDVF and shelled out $124 (at the time I felt that that was overpriced for a piece of plastic with a magnifying glass inside) but was a more affordable option to the Red Rock and Zacuto. A couple days after ordering, I found the Carry Speed viewfinder for $39. I decided to order this one as well with the notion of returning the LCDVF.

    However, after receiving both I must say that the LCDVF is a FAR superior product in every way. The material used is very similar in feel BUT the machining on the Carry Speed is quite poor at best.

    The viewfinder didn't snap to the metal frame properly as there was excess plastic left around the magnets. Taking a pocket knife I trimmed it back a bit and that seemed to fix the problem but it still didn't snap satisfyingly onto the frame like the LCDVF.

    I also noticed that the magnets on the Carry Speed weren't as strong as the LCDVF and weren't set properly into the plastic frame. I could see that they would eventually fall out as others had complained about. One of them didn't even sit flush with the frame which would've created who knows how much light leak.

    I also found that the fuzzy material inside the Carry Speed viewfinder (a good idea to cut down on the reflection inside) was a cheap cloth/velvet material. I immediately noticed that the fiber from this material was coming off and sticking like a magnet to the inside glass and was distracting.

    However, my biggest complaints was the Carry Speed's optics. Though at first glance they do seem to be similar, Carry Speed is not as crisp as the LCDVF. Looking at both you can tell the difference in optical quality. I had several friends (who knows nothing about this world) peer through both and tell me which one they prefer...the LCDVF won hands down each time.

    I also found that the Carry Speed hurt my eyes causing them to strain more-so than the LCDVF. I think this is caused by the 2.5 magnification of the Carry Speed. I believe LCDVF chose the 2x magnification because it worked most effectively with the length of the viewfinder that they had designed. Since the Carry Speed is basically a copy of their design they most likely didn't conduct extensive tests but decided to make it more appealing on paper by making the magnification .5x greater than the LCDVF. At that magnification using the same focal distance of the LCDVF it seems to cause unnecessary strain on the eye.

    Needless-to-say...I'm all for saving a buck. I found the Gini rig recently purchased to be of the highest quality and will continue to look for incredible value like this courtesy of CheesyCam. However, in this case, I would rather spend a bit more and get something of quality than spend less and struggle with my equipment.

  25. wow, price dropped. I was going to order about a week ago. just placed order and free shipping is nice too. hope i get before saturday.

  26. ...seems the bluestar eyepiece extra long oval works for this...tried the long...too small...cannot even stuff it in...the extralong can be stuffed in...snugly...

  27. imgpro615

    ...i got the quick release screen protector for the T2i and tried it on the sits offset to the left by about a centimeter or two...totally usable if you do not mind ,but if you are a DIY type [like we all pretty much are to varying degrees] can be cut neatly and moved into proper position...trying that now...results in a few days...

  28. Esteban

    I can not find this information anywhere. Does anyone know if the aspect ratio of the LCD of my nikon d3100 is 4:3 or 3:2?
    I want to buy the Vfinder but not which model to buy if the LVF-43 or the LVF-32
    HELP !!!!!!!!

    Thanks, Esteban from Argentina

  29. Esteban

    These are the specifications from Nikon

    LCD monitor 7.5-cm/3-in., approx. 230 k-dot TFT LCD with brightness adjustment

  30. Emm

    Post author

    @Jesse - This might be more up your alley httpss://

  31. Jesse

    Wow, I had some major problems with this today.

    Had it for about a week, loved it. The frame seemed a little warped, and there was always an edge that had light leak, but it was negligible.

    Then today I decided to put it through its paces and used it all day while out and about in the city. It was a sunny day, and I guess the plastic expanded - the magnets in the viewfinder part split in half and started falling out, (one chunk even scratched the lcd screen :/ ) then one of the tabs to keep it locked on the frame just sheared off with no effort.

    Very disappointed.

  32. Austin

    Just got mine today and love it! Bought the screen protector you posted about earlier (httpss:// and put the magnet on that as i don't like the idea of the magnet on the camera. I can always epoxy the viewfinder on later but i like the magnet strips for now XD

  33. anthony

    i boughtthe screen protector that slides over the lvd screen. Will this work on for t2i?
    and screen protector. i think the protector is metal but maybe i have to add metal plate to protector to get the vf to stick otherwise no grooves,

  34. Just ordered mine from the Ebay seller for my t2i...exciting!! 😀 I've been postponing buying one for so long, big mistake..should have gotten one months ago...ah well, 10-12 days I should be able to get more steady, in focus video finally!

  35. SkunkWorks


    This seller will sell you more frames separate. Just ask them 😉

    For anyone who hasn't bought yet and thinks they'll need extra frames, just ask for them and an adjusted invoice when you purchase the viewfinder. You'll probably still have to pay for them (but maybe not) but it's better to have them thrown in on the original purchase which won't add to your shipping charge, than to buy them later and have to pay shipping on them. By the way, the viewfinder does come with two of them.

  36. I got mine last week.... best value for the money. The magnet is at least twice as strong as that piece of crap I ordered before for the same price (the "Capa" or whatever, with the felt-like interior coating).... the grooves reaslly help it stick. I gave it the "knock" test (hitting every side and trying to make it fall off)... it didn't.


    THANK YOU EMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Is anyone else's strap the wrong size to connect to the v-finder? The male connector is almost twice the size of the female!

  38. Johnson

    Got mine as well. I'm more than satsified for price point and quality. Magnets are strong and really has to be pulled off to get it off the frame from initial tests. Just need a proper case and I'm set.

    Emm, you should ask sellers for a referral kick-back when you post these up. If it weren't for you, I'd be debt free. haha.

  39. Tony

    I got mine to today and I love it. Im going to sell my jag35 monitorx now. This works better for my work flow and makes the camera feel more balanced for shooting.

  40. slicKrox


    Looks really not bad, when I saw it first time. But if you'll compare it to Zatuto Pro x2.5, how good VFinder really are?

  41. Jared

    Just got mine today, very happy with it! I didn't attach the frame to the camera yet, though. Waiting for my glass screen protector. I did attach a frame to my $26 monitor and it works great. Very solid connection.

  42. PJ

    Just ordered mine for the T2i. Theyre back-ordered now but supposed to ship out next week. Never used one before so I'm looking forward to see how it does. I'm guessing using a viewfinder will also help somewhat stabilize video?

  43. Brian

    I also rushed and ordered the wrong one. Seller is saying I have to cancel the order (very difficult for an eBay purchase) though he has not refunded the Paypal payment. Seems way too much work for an identically priced product coming from the same location. Am feeling nervous about this purchase now and not willing to order another one. This seller is legit?

  44. Emm

    Post author

    @Yannick - I would try it without eye cushion for now, but the ones I have won't fit. This new eye cup is large.

  45. Anh Dang

    I read a lot of people complaining about imperfect vision, so just a quick question: what kind of eye conditions do you guys have? I heard someone saying he needed readers to be able to focus closer.

    I'm severely near-sighted, I can focus extremely close -- 1 inch without glasses and about 2 inches with glassed on. Would there be any problem using this VF? I just paid for it...

  46. Felipe

    This seems interesting. I have glassess and after tweaking the diopter wheel in the 5D Mark II, I no longer know what the default position is (and therefore if I really need diopter adjustment).

    If I turn the wheel counterclockwise (to the '-' sign), I adjust three clicks clockwise until the image looks good.

    Any ideas? It seems the JAG35 would be a better alternative as Mark suggests.


  47. Nick Miller

    I just ordered it on Amazon. This will be my first to try out on my 550D.

    For those that don't want to attach the magnetic adhesive frame adapter to their camera body they have the option of using a slide on LCD screen protector.

    But I would like to see if there is a metal frame option available to go on my 550D that would attach to something like the Zacuto Gorilla Plate. Does anybody know if the Zacuto Z-Finder Mounting Frame will work with this viewfinder or will it work with Any other LCD View finders or "Does it only work with the Zacuto Z-Finder?"

    What other "metal" frame options like the Z-Finder mounting frame are available to connect these LCD View finders to a T2i and a mounting plate like the Gorilla Plate without having to attach the magnetic adhesive frame on the camera body?

    Thank you for any help or advice in advance.


  48. Boz

    Buyer beware: these are useless if you have anything less than perfect vision. I know, I had one and I had to return it (and I don't wear glasses). It's a shame.

  49. If you need a diopter, the one that Jag35 sells is about the same price, and has an adjustable eyepiece to accommodate different vision issues. The eyecup is separate, but even without the cup it has worked well for me.

  50. Randy

    I'd really like to get one for my t2i but I wear glasses. So I think I'm stuck having to get one with a diopter so I can adjust it. I wish I had a friend with one so I could try it out. Maybe I could get away without the diopter.

    Also, there are a lot of pros out there that steadfastly assert we don't need an LCD viewfinder. Shane Hurlbut, for instance, says it adds to much contrast and you can't properly judge exposure with one. Hearing many pros say no, and hearing others say we can't live without one, is confusing. Just my opinion.

  51. Emm

    Post author

    @Rick - If you're talking about D7000 then that's a 3" LCD (according to the web). You'll need the same one as the 7D and 5D Mark II.

  52. silentfool

    @peter - the Capa version I have does have the notches in it, just like this one. I just got it last week, so maybe the updated it recently.

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  54. Emm

    Post author

    @Chris Duke - If you read the article there's a statement and an image of the different sizes available. The link also leads you to a page where the product title states which it would work for. LOL, you guys are just too quick...gotta read a bit.

  55. Mark

    Awesome. I just ordered the other one on ebay that you had on here. A day later a way better model pops up. Just my luck

  56. Mark D

    Great......I finally just ordered the other one on eBay that you had on here and then a day later this one pops up. Looks like i might have screwed myself now

  57. sophek

    Ordered mine too, I was putting off buying because I was looking at the hoodman, but for the price and your recommendation I couldn't help it.


  58. Jared

    There goes another $60 I didn't need to spend. Looks like a solid product though, so hopefully it will last, and in the long run I'll be happy I got it for the low initial price. Thanks for the find.

  59. Rabi

    I've been happy with my LCDVF, but that price is a steal. I would definitely pick one up over the LCDVF.

  60. I'm with @Shatek -- I ordered the wrong one. He had to refund my money and I had to place a new order. The title of this blog post was a bit misleading, as it made it seem as though the VF was for all those cameras. It should be clearly stated there are 2 different versions!

    I got the Meike but I don't like it for my 60D (too narrow), so it's going back to Amazon now that I've purchased this one.

  61. Peter

    I had the Capa version, which don't have notches on the metal frame, so the view finder will move freely on the frame, which make me feel not that comfortable. btw, their eye cup will drop off easily.In picture, I love the surface finish of it, will order one.

    so far, I thinks that is all difference I noticed between Capa & Carry Speed View Finder.

  62. silentfool

    This looks to me like a re-branded Capa viewfinder. I only know because I ordered what I thought was the Meike on Amazon Marketplace and got the Capa instead. I don't have any experience with the other models, but I'm pretty happy with it so far

  63. I just ordered mine.... I like the groove and magnet combination. The cheapo knockoff I bought months ago falls off the camera all the time even with the slightest pressure. Drives me nuts. Hopefully this will solve the problem.

    Thank you as always, Emm.

  64. just ordered one based soley on your advice, you gots some influence there! i have the lcdvf knock offs but i have been shooting alot at the ski mountain and they keep coming off to easily, so hopefully the magnets are better on these like you said.


  65. Robere

    With it removed but the magnetic base plate fitted can you still use the tilt out screen on the 60D with this?

  66. mark

    Will you let us know how it works out on the 60d swivel screen? I would really like to find one of these that works on the 60d and allows you to still pivot the screen, thanks

  67. I ordered one also. I've been looking for a 2.5 mag with a diopter and the only one that I liked was the zacato but I can't really justify spending 375, over twice what I paid for the cam and lens. I'll just have to see if these 'ole eyes can do without the diopter.

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