Modified Flycam Arm Brace with Skyler MiniCam Stabilizer

I first purchased a used first gen Skyler Minicam and enjoyed it so much, I went out and purchased the latest model (then sold off the older one). It's a tiny little stabilizer that packs up small, performs excellently, and has amazing build qualities. Unfortunately it's a bit expensive compared to other stabilizers, so i'm happy to see another person like Carl Pendle from using it. I'm not alone in this world..

This time Carl shows how to modify the Flycam Armbrace to fit the Skyler MiniCam for extended flight times. After the modification, he also shows a clever sling he uses to help him carry the entire weight, and stick around to the end for some fine examples of his Skyler Minicam in use. [Thanks Carl]. I have some additional information about the Skyler Minicam vs. Glidecam vs. Flycam (seen here) if you're still wondering what some differences could be.

find-price-button Skyler MiniCam Video Camera Stabilizer Kit

find-price-button Flycam Forearm Arm Brace for Flycam and Glidecam HD Stabilizers

3 thoughts on “Modified Flycam Arm Brace with Skyler MiniCam Stabilizer

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  3. peederj

    I am not a fan of the arm brace. The flycam nano works fine enough without it, and with a light camera isn't very heavy. I don't have the skyler.

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