Canon CN-E Compact Prime Lenses for DSLR Video

The Zeiss CP.2 Compact Primes have been a popular choice for professional Canon DSLR Cine Lenses, but Canon should be giving Zeiss a run with the growing line of Canon CN-E compact primes. So far they've announced a 24mm T1.5, 50mm T1.3, and 85mm T1.3, to work on your full frame cameras, the new Black Magic Cinema camera, and 4K resolution ready for that new C500. For me that has pretty much covered a good range of lenses I choose to use on a daily basis, but i'm hoping to see a 35mm added to that list too. Pricing is not too far off from the CP2 lenses, and Pre-order pricing for Canon's compact CN-E prime lenses start at just under $5K (each).

Canon-24mm-CN-ECanon 50mm CN-ECanon 85mm CN-E Lens
find-price-button Canon Compact Prime 24mm, 50mm, and 85mm CN-E Lenses

9 thoughts on “Canon CN-E Compact Prime Lenses for DSLR Video

  1. Jason


    I am a canon fan... I love canon... I really do. I have a 5d2 5d3 and 7d, i have the 50mm1.2, 8-15mm F4, 16-35 F2.8, the 24-70 f2.8, the 70-200 f2.8 II IS USM, the 100-400mm 4-5.6...... I have the grips, the flashes,


    But now you're going to tell me, that while you can use those lenses on a RED scarlet for half the price of the c300 which is half the camera....

    Im sorry I lost my train of though, all I can think of is WTF are you thinking? Your competition just smacked you across the face - your C series is NOTHING in comparison to the RED's- and if they can use the EF mount and spit out fantabulous images - tell me one good reason why anyone should by your 5,000 dollar a piece primes?

    PS. get your HOYA.... thats Head Out Your >>>>> you get the idea - don't give us the least you can get away with - you should be ashamed of yourself for not giving us RAW HDMI output until magic lantern forced your hand.

    NOW - go out there and blow RED away - in fact, go make a camera thats better than the Sony F65 with 8K (not flimsy, or should I say filmy 4k)... go do that, and then ... and only then... come out with 5000 dollar lenses.

    Ashamed of you for you

  2. Ryan

    Yea I know right. I was hoping they would be a little bit cheaper than the ziess compact primes.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Rabby - Yes it will work, and again even the Nikon version will work because of basic Nikon to EF adapter rings. You can adapt to the BMCC all the same lenses you can to regular Canon DSLRs.

  4. Rabby


    Do you think Rokinon CL 35mm for Canon work on BMCC. I know the camera is not out yet, Wondering?


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  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Derek - No Worries. Rokinon is stepping in to provide more affordable Cine lenses. They already have an 8mm Cine lens, but now the latest one they've announced is the 35mm on B&H (Click Here).

  7. Derek

    Dear Canon,

    Thanks for getting me all excited only to immediately crush my hopes of ever owning these lenses because of price.


    A broke camera guy.

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