Luma Loop Camera Strap Killed off by Black Rapid


Interesting post over at Petapixel, about how the Luma Loop strap was killed off. I've heard some rumors about possible bully tactics. Even if there are no patent violations, small companies can't defend themselves when threatened with a lawsuit and are left to dissolve because of the possibility of high lawyer fees. Another rumored tactic stated that even if 'Company A' has been cleared of any patent violation, letters are sent to major distributors warning them that 'Company A' could possibly (keyword possibly) be violating patents, which cause distributors to stay clear from purchasing other similar products. These letters are sent even while knowing there is absolutely no patent violation. There's definitely some dirty tricks out there, and i'm wondering if any of you have heard the same? There's more information and a letter from Luma Loop following the link:

3 thoughts on “Luma Loop Camera Strap Killed off by Black Rapid

  1. J Hanna

    I always buy China products until I can justify/afford it then go real US product. But add them to the litepanels list of dicks.

  2. And because of greedy A-holes like these is why I send my Money to the ever growing China... I purchased a dual rapid for $17 shipping included while they want over $109 for their version... yeah alright...

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