CineGrain Film Scans – Digital To Film Look


Big ups to CineGrain for sending out some fun and creative software. I'm trying to find time to install this massive collection of stuff that comes in it's own hard drive. I think this thing is over 100GB of film grain goodness, and this isn't their most extensive package.

Behind The Scenes // CineGrain

Various Film Grain and Artifact scans over RED footage.

About CineGrain:
REAL Film Scans you can add Any Major Film Stock to Your Footage. Works With Editing, Visual Effects, And Coloring Systems. Hundreds Of Film Clips Organized Into 8 Categories For Use Over Any Digital Content. Resolutions up to 4K. Flash Frames, Light Leaks, Lens Flares, Roll Outs, Dirt & Scratches, Head & Tail Leader, Bad Registration, Hand-Crank, Full Gate With Keycode, And Many More Film Artifacts. Colored And Transferred Specifically For Composite Mode “Overlay”. The Highest Quality Film Look and Grain Solution Available. More information at

10 thoughts on “CineGrain Film Scans – Digital To Film Look

  1. Ben

    I like the subtle grain, but the crazy, expired film, mega scratches, looks pretty fake... Shooting a roll of super 8 is so fun. Can't beat it, with all the good HD telecine places out there now. If you shoot a good 10 minutes of super 8, might end up costing 300 bucks, but you have film stock to use for everything. 10 minutes is a ton of time lapses. Hah...

    This does look like an amazing package. I hope it doesn't leak too quick, for the companies sake.

  2. getem

    Cheapest option is $299 , Man I know this is great but pretty expensive especially when I know this is there bare bones package.

    Hopefully you can make a video showing how they look @Em


  3. @Emm,

    Its funny how the cleaner our footage looks the older and grimier we want to make it! 4k ala 8mm!?!?

    Yeah Grain gives it warmth, cant wait to see what you come up with.

    I wish them the best and am glad they came out with such quality products, but unfortunately in this day and age anything that is visual or audio will be bootlegged with.

    I just see it now some 16 year old "film maker" having his Daddy buy it then share it on torrents...

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Serge - A little grain goes a long way. I was reviewing some other stuff and to get away from that reality show look, I was looking to add some grain. I agree that the whole download thing could be a good option for them. They should work with a software packaging company to help prevent some piracy on downloads and installs.

  5. Emm Emm Emm!!!
    You have to put in a good word! when you get goodies like this you have to hey send one to Serge! 😉

    These look awesome! They should open the doors to Download options for those who only need one look and collect them over time, instead of having to buy drive with collections.

    Good stuff tho, and the price is just right too.
    I so want this!, I can definitely use this for my current hip hop stories project I shooting now...

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