Latest 12 High Power LED Video Light

Interesting development on the makers of the W96 LED light. They've taken all the features of the popular Z96, and then replaced the bulbs with 12 high power LEDs. The bulbs are different, but it still accepts the same battery types from Sony to (5) AA. The housing has a rubberized coating, dimmable with snap on magnetic filter holders, and battery indicator. Does replacing the bulbs with high power LEDs make the light better? I doubt it's the exact same, but high power LED bulbs are what you'll find in the high end Comer LED Video Lights (here). We'll just have to wait and see how well they perform, but they are available now (click here).

W12 LED LightW12 LED Video Light
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17 thoughts on “Latest 12 High Power LED Video Light

  1. SkunkWorks

    @Ben Ericson

    Yeah I tried some Philips version of these high power MR16 bulbs (Cree was once ahead of the pack at this but pretty much everyone has them now) and they're pretty bright. The Philips 10watt ones are 430 lumens. Here's a pic showing a couple I rigged up quick back at halloween for following my nieces around trick-or-treating this year. I actually had to dim them down with the PWM I use for my slider. Got these 10w Philips MR16 bulb at Home Depot(Canada).

  2. wooty

    looking forward to the review digital cyclops! hopefully cheesycam will link us once cyclops posts his findings. At $75 it's not too shabby.

    My only concern is the led bulb's longevity/color temperature shifting over use.

  3. Ben Ericson

    These look nice. I am guessing these are 1 watt LEDs. The ones in the older panels are the .2 watt ones, first generation leds. The newer panels should have more throw. It's weird because of all the led stuff advances so fast. I mean, the large array of small LEDs is literally 5-6 year old technology.

    I mean, if you went the DIY wrote, you could easily, very easily just wire a couple of these up and get some serious light output. I mean, these are 10 watt cree LEDs. Good replacement if someone has an old Bescor or Frezzi laying around. I messed around with one a few years ago and loved it. It was about double the price at the time...

  4. Allan

    Good looking out Emm -- might have to get this. I like the size and power of the Z96, so if we can have more power in the same form factor, that would be ideal.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @J Hanna - It's not a stunning price. There would have to be a significant difference. I'm interested in seeing a side by side.

  6. itsjohnny2

    I assume you ordered and waiting on your delivery to do a review. I need to replace my CN126s soon. I'm fed up with the flimsy hot shoe arm/stand.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @JSS - I'm curious to see the difference. It doesn't take many high power LEDs to match several small LED bulbs. Maybe it's the same? I'd like to see a comparison.

  8. J Hanna

    they are coming out of the gate and saying comer's lights are inferior.
    I never got sent the updated W96 light BUT seeing as I got a refund I don't care.
    Anyone got the updated light? Was it true white?
    Emm, what do you think? Worth getting and trying?

  9. JSS

    Not a bad price point and the rubberized housing is nice too. I have a 160 LED and I know it wouldn't survive a fall on to any hard surface. Would like to see some tests before I'd pick it up. So Emm are you guessing that it'll be less light than the Z96?

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