3 Roller Wall Mount Background Support


One of the things we installed in our second studio space is a 3 Roller Wall Mounted Background Support. This not only speeds up production when we need to swap backgrounds, but we were able to push the background literally against the wall, and eliminated the use of heavy backdrop stands on the floor giving us a little more space to move. Our next project is to build a ceiling grid to hang our lights.

Wall Mounted 3 Roller Background Support

The ends lock inside of the seamless paper rolls with individual chain drives to raise and lower each backdrop. It was very easy to set up. Keep in mind that this requires a wall to mount, and all 3 rolls have to be about the same size to work. There's a seller currently offering this for much cheaper than what we acquired ours for, and it's available via Prime shipping too. If you've got a garage or place you often set up backgrounds at, something like this is about $50 dollars well spent. Find it (click here).

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11 thoughts on “3 Roller Wall Mount Background Support

  1. Sandro

    Question...do these come with the metal support poles for the middle? I watched a youtube video and it shows metal poles that go in the middle...did anyone actually end up ordering this model who can confirm whether or not the metal poles are included?

  2. I have two of these set up in my studio space and they are great for reclaiming some of the floor space that would have otherwise been occupied by background support stands.

    One thing I would suggest is if you decide to use paper backdrops (on cardboard rolls) like the "Savage" brand, be sure to store the backdrops vertically. If they are left hanging on the wall for an extended period of time, the paper rolls begin to sag in the middle (gravity and moisture) making it more difficult to roll up and down, as well, it may cause undesired creasing on the backdrop that would have to be removed in post. Unless you wrapped the paper around a hollow, metal core that is less succeptible to bending, then I would highly recommend storing your paper backdrops vertically. Just be sure you have at least 9' ceilings in order to do so!

    You can buy the vertical storage rack here: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/486558-REG/Savage_TPC12_TPC12_Background_Paper.html

    Good luck!

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Claude Lee Sadik - Use a lens that's further than 50mm and you'll narrow your field of view. You'll require less background width than if you used a wide angle lens. Just make sure you have room to back up as you'll be shooting a few feet away. 9ft. is long enough to fit in my little Honda Fit hatchback. Anything longer and it's a pain to transport. You can use cloth type backgrounds, but be aware of wrinkles that you'll have to stretch out when you set up.

    You could always start with a cloth and see if this works for you. There's no reason why you wouldn't eventually own both types of backdrops. I have all the colors in both paper and in cloth depending on the situation. In studio we always use paper.

  4. Hey Emm,
    Slightly out of topic: I want to make a transportable studio that can be used in small spaces. Would you recommend muslin over paper backdrops? Is 2.8m x 3m (9ft x 10ft) enough for full body shots? I mean: width / space between model and backdrop.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Chateau - Yes it will work, but you'll need a tube to wrap the muslin around. Whenever you use up a paper roll (they get dirty or torn), you end up with an empty cardboard roller. You can use this roller to mount your muslin to and use these backdrop rollers.

  6. Chateau

    Would this work with muslin backdrops? I'm assuming not. Have you found a good solution for the 12 feet range?

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Mike - The common ones in the area are mainly 'Savage' drops. 9ft or longer rolls, we can get from Calumet, JCX Expendables, or Keeble & Shuchat. It's not always ideal to travel with long seamless paper, but when we're ready to shoot we don't have to deal with wrinkles.

    You could buy them online and have them shipped: Seamless Paper Backgrounds via Amazon

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