Varizoom Wireless Follow Focus Auction

There's currently an auction for a Varizoom Wireless Follow Focus VZ-WFF system. Normally priced around $4300-$4600 dollars, this brand new item is on auction for a starting bid price of only $3k + Free Shipping. Not something i'm looking to buy, or your average videographer will buy, but a good deal if you just happen to be in the rental business. I can't seem to find any local rental places with a decent Wireless FF system. Besides the most affordable Jag35 Wireless Follow Focus system (currently unavailable) waiting on V2.0, what else is everyone using? Anyone remember what RedRock may be pricing their unreleased WFF at?

Varizoom Wireless Follow Focus
find-price-button Varizoom VZ-WFF Wireless Follow Focus

8 thoughts on “Varizoom Wireless Follow Focus Auction

  1. Carlos

    Guys find yourself a RC hobbyist and ask him to build you one. Probably way less than $1K. Those are just plain old RC controllers with servos in the other end. No science to it. specially the very expensive Chrosziel.

    Varizoom has its appeal in being small.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Darryl - Thanks. These videos are like 2 years old already..LOL. I think the WFF is in the same boat as their EVF.

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