Latest 508 LED Video Light – Sony Style Battery Powered


Looking for a large off camera LED light panel? One of the advantages of LED lights is the ability to run on battery power, but a majority of large panels run only off of V-Mount batteries. A single V-Mount battery could run well over $150 dollars + the price of a charging station. That's a very expensive additional cost for the convenience of powering off the grid. Then maybe you'd be interested in the upcoming 508 LED video light. A light that Herbert seems to have his hands on first. [Thanks for the pics Herbert].


Here's where the new 508 LED video light becomes interesting. Using the same body as the popular 312 LED light, the new 508 can still be powered by those super inexpensive Sony Style Batteries. Generic versions of these batteries run under $7.00 dollars. Of course because it's using the body of the 312, the new 508 can still accept an external DC input if you wanted to run it off of something like my Tekkeon battery pack.

Now as excited as I am about the new larger LED panel that's being powered off of cheap Sony style batteries, there's two things i'm fairly concerned about - Power output and Price. Is this large panel just more bulbs with the same power output? If so, then the price should be under $320 dollars because any person could just as easily grab two 312 LED video light panels and place them side by side, adding up to a 624 LED light source. Not to mention it would be easier to store away too once you break it down to two pieces. Hmm..sounds like an interesting test we need to tackle.

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21 thoughts on “Latest 508 LED Video Light – Sony Style Battery Powered

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Julien - That's a much better price than most other retailers, and it could be handy to have one light to mount on a stand instead of trying to figure out how to mount two lights to one stand. I wish it were a bit cheaper, but that's not too bad.

  2. Julien

    Hi, i saw that fotodiox sells this light for 299$. Emm, will you consider buy one a this price? or do you prefer buy two 312's?

  3. Rob S.

    Hate it when they jack up the price on these. $459 bucks for one light is a bit high. That's the same price as the CN900. Of course the Sony battery option is nice. You can buy 3 312's for less money and get a nice field lighting kit.

  4. The price on the Ikan site for these 508 lights is breathtaking. $549 for the bi-color 508? It's an attractive light, so small and capable, but when the 312s are going for $159, it's hard to justify not buying two or three of those instead. Plus you'd get more batteries and chargers. I really like my 312, but not sure I want to pay another $390 more for 200 more LEDs!

  5. Luke

    ikan is based in houston and I visted microsearch today. They rent quite a bit of ikan stuff and i saw the 508 there!

    pretty nice but i rented their 3pc id 1000 kits for later this month.

    very affordable since i didn't have to pay for shipping. I was looking to buy Emm's recommendation (900 led) but 2pcs from ephoto would have been $900!

  6. I wonder how much light output the light could produce and how mobile it is? It may come handy to some of my green screen shoots or music videos.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Marcus V Warner - They are on backorder, and it's also Chinese New Year. Production in China pretty much comes to a complete halt for this time of year. We should be hearing more around mid Feb, i'm guessing.

  8. Austin

    Quick question for everyone, what gels would you recemend for when using led lights with other lights, I know it's different for incandescents and florescent but any tips for when trying to add LED lighting in the mix for indoor shoots?

  9. N.K.Osborne

    Interested in this. I have the 500 LED light and I love it. It's really bright and lightweight. Hopefully this gives equal amount of output.

    Looking forward to test videos.

  10. I see it have a potentiometer for dimming the light which means it's going to give you banding if you dial it down. At least that's been every experience I've had with this type of LED.

  11. @Emm - Would love to see Cheesycam do a buyer's guide/test of all the different LED options out there. Could break it down into best on-camera lighting and best 3-piece kit. Only problem, seems like every week a new one is being introduced.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Austin - If you could find the right XLR power adapter, it might be possible. I haven't tried it, but I've heard others are using the XLR adapter.

  13. Austin

    Hm these look interesting but I was wondering that if the older 500 LED panles you posted about
    (found here:httpss:// )

    could be powered with the 12v dc charger you posted about
    (found here: httpss://

  14. Looks like it might work nicely for weddings!! i do a lot of Asian wedding videos where light is pretty dull. This looks pretty ideal!!

  15. Nombre

    I have the specs. It is brighter than the 312's.
    312 6580 lux at .5 meters
    508 8500 lux at .5 meters

    Which makes it about as bright as the old 500 led panels which I happen to know are made by the same company. But they aren't as bright as the CN600,900,1200 when you look at output to led ratio. Still nice because of the batteries.

    You are welcome for the specs 🙂

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