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Looking for a large off camera LED light panel? One of the advantages of LED lights is the ability to run on battery power, but a majority of large panels run only off of V-Mount batteries. A single V-Mount battery could run well over $150 dollars + the price of a charging station. That's a very expensive additional cost for the convenience of powering off the grid. Then maybe you'd be interested in the upcoming 508 LED video light. A light that Herbert seems to have his hands on first. [Thanks for the pics Herbert].


Here's where the new 508 LED video light becomes interesting. Using the same body as the popular 312 LED light, the new 508 can still be powered by those super inexpensive Sony Style Batteries. Generic versions of these batteries run under $7.00 dollars. Of course because it's using the body of the 312, the new 508 can still accept an external DC input if you wanted to run it off of something like my Tekkeon battery pack.

Now as excited as I am about the new larger LED panel that's being powered off of cheap Sony style batteries, there's two things i'm fairly concerned about - Power output and Price. Is this large panel just more bulbs with the same power output? If so, then the price should be under $320 dollars because any person could just as easily grab two 312 LED video light panels and place them side by side, adding up to a 624 LED light source. Not to mention it would be easier to store away too once you break it down to two pieces. Hmm..sounds like an interesting test we need to tackle.

find-price-button 508 LED Video Light Panel