New Gear – Steadicam Merlin 2

Steadicam Merlin 2 StabilizerSteadicam Merlin 2 upgrade

Today Tiffen announced at CES a newly designed Steadicam Merlin 2. One interesting additions is an upgrade to the handle that includes a remote to start / stop video. Not available in retail stores yet, but a full FAQ section and PDF user manual is available on the Tiffen website

Tiffen Steadicam Merlin 2

7 thoughts on “New Gear – Steadicam Merlin 2

  1. Travis

    Does anyone know when this will actually be released?
    I tried contacting Tiffen, and they didn't respond.

  2. Tom

    @Rabi & @Emm:

    Current Canon HDSLRs do support start/stop/zoom 1x-5x-10x control. Just take a look at the Okii Systems MC1 and FC1 USB controllers which even Zacuto is offering with their rigs now: and

    Regarding Merlin 2, I'm not sure how Steadicam has implemented these controls. The only way to do them *all* is via USB, but there isn't any detail nor picture (just one with the buttons), weird for a new optional accessory and feature appearing in the brochure.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Rabi - Current Canon ones don't, but the next generation should. They have combined the shutter and video feature to be triggered from the single shutter. This will mean that a very simple shutter remote will be able to start video modes.

  4. Rabi

    Start/stop/zoom/focus in the handle is an awesome idea - too bad current DSLRs don't support those controls.

  5. Alksion

    With a $1000 price tag I am guessing... The first version is insanely priced for what you're really getting.. Drop the first one to $299 and make this one $499 and I guarantee they'll sell well!

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