Express35 DSLR Rig – Event

Here's a closer look at the inline version of the 'EVENT' DSLR rig from Express35. There is so many good things about this rig, but overall you'll find the price is the best part. Express35 stabilizers are made in the USA, and it's quality rivals many of the top local DSLR Stabilizer brands, and yet pricing competes with the cheapest of over seas rigs.


This particular EVENT rig is designed for EVF or LCD Monitor use by keeping the camera in line over the shoulder. You can also use this setup with cameras that have Flip out LCD screens. The contoured shoulder pad wraps behind the shoulder (doesn't sit on top), and the counterweight that sits low balances the rig out even more. With the dual rods on the counterweight, you can offset this if you feel you need to shift it over more to one side. I prefer to have the weight adjusted to sit lower. You can also just shoot without the counterweight, and still have plenty points of contact for stabilizing your camera.


Normally you'll see adjustable handles with some rigs, but those could have a tendency to reposition (slip) under weight. The Express35 XL HD handle is one solid piece which really adds to the whole stability of the rig. The 13" length and 4" offset design of the front handle makes it extremely comfortable to operate with less strain in your arm. There's a few optional pieces I suggest to really get this rig going. The optional top handle makes it easier for me to lift the rig on/off my shoulder or to hold the rig in a position for low shots. The optional tripod mount obviously makes it easier for you to get into tripod mode for some fluid panning (or just docking the rig). The 90 degree accessory rod clamp with stub makes it easy to attach or detach a 1/4-20 accessory. In this case i'm using a friction arm with Zacuto EVF with the rod clamp.


The only other item I'm looking to add is a second handle. It's not necessary to have a second handle for stabilization when shooting video on this rig, but the second handle will allow me to place the rig on the floor without falling over. If you decide to look into Express35 gear, make sure you put in a good word about this Cheesycam blog. To find out the exact pieces that come with the EVENT, and optional accessories, check out

DSLR Rig Event Express35
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27 thoughts on “Express35 DSLR Rig – Event

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  2. Lumpy

    I have the handle,shoulder pad, counter weight, and tripod plate on the proaim cage with the gini ff and SmallHD dp6.

  3. Jak

    thank you very much for the quick reply, man! i made the purchase and i made sure to mention your blog! 🙂

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Jak - For stability maybe not so much, but I opted for the second handle because when setting the rig down it would fall over. The second handle made the difference when I need to set the rig down.

  5. Jak

    Hey Emm!
    I was about to purchase the glidecam but then I researched a bit more and saw your blog about this rig. I want the second arm but I'm also looking into purchasing a follow focus. I'm running a bit tight on cash and I was hoping you'd be able to push me in the right direction for my initial purchase. Is the rig going to be more stable if I have a second arm?


  6. What a great idea Emm. Can I ask what follow focus you are using in the video. Interested because it attaches to one rod which is what I'm looking for.

  7. I finally could buy this rig, waiting now.

    Last question, can i use it with regular quick release mounts?

    I have couple of Manfrotto ones that i use with glidecam, tripod and konova slider....

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  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Leo Telles - Those are custom rigs made only by Express35. There's no other store to purchase from.

  10. Hey emm, i loved the rig, but is so hard to buy on the website. I`m buying from brazil for a friend of mine that`s coming, but i e-mail them and the only option is to pay via PayPal with verified account and they only ships to the paypal address, kind of weird!

    There`s anywhere else i can buy it? didn`t find on amazon !

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  12. Yeah, i head about it, i`ve only seen the FF on the right side, but i don`t thing gonna be a problem put it on the left side.

    But even without the FF still a good shoulder for weddings`s party and quick things . I would like to see a footage test with it, seems very stable, but i haven`t found anywhere.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Leo Telles - It should mount on the rails. It's all industry standard fit. The only thing you need to keep in mind is where your lens ring will sit, to make sure the RJ can hit the lens gear.

  14. I'm glad a US shop makes products not in the Zacuto/Red Rock price stratosphere... and I understand this guy is a small shop. However, I think his business model is giving you something for what seems like an okay price, but really getting you in the "upgrades," which really are not upgrades, but necessities. If you get the offset rig, tripod mount, hd carry handle, dslr quick release and a second handle you're at $684.96, not really an "unheard of price" compared to Gini or Pro-Aim. And seriously, who's going to get a rig without a tripod mount or quick release not to mention that most rigs have two handles anyway for balancing.

  15. Hey I purchased this today, but I didn't by the top handle since it was 89.99...I was wondering if there was an inexpensive handle that I could use instead of this one? or should I just buy the express35 one?

  16. Emm

    Post author

    @Jerry - The arm i'm using is quite long. They also have a shorter version of this that wouldn't be as much in the way. Otherwise, I could use a 90 degree rod clamp with a monitor rod. Basically a 15mm rod with a ball head on top. Or I could just use the friction arm off the hotshoe of my camera and mount the EVF off the top.

  17. Jerry

    Hey Emm,

    You have one of those articulated arms for your external monitor for this rig, what other way could you place a monitor on the rig, because it looks like your set up would be on the way for a follow focus.

    And again, great website man!!!

    Keep it up!!!

  18. Rabi

    Killer price. I agree, though, that a second handle would be nice. Still, if I was getting a little more paid video work I would be very tempted.

  19. Emm

    Post author

    @john d - That would be awesome, and you should inquire to see if anything like that is possible. Then again he might charge extra!

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @FS - Check the video. Easy on and off no problem. Its also just one clamp knob so ver quick if you need to remove or reposition.

  21. FS

    This rig looks really cool. Especially for its price point. The only question I have, will it be awkward mounting this rig onto a tripod with that long handle hanging down the front of it? But maybe it hangs out far enough so that it doesn't matter...

  22. Dikran

    I love Express35 stuff. I always go there first. Chris is easy to work with, and his stuff is awesome! I was going to order some stuff but was dragging my feet, and as soon as I saw this post this morning I ordered because I knew the would be getting slammed.

    I see you have the Zacuto EVF on it, and not the DP4. Have you found that you like the Zacuto better? We haven't heard much about your thoughts on the two.

  23. I've been looking for a good rig for a while now. I'm buying this right now! Thanks for sharing this man! You are a blessing!

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