DIY DSLR Logo Shirts

Just for fun, I wanted to sport some basic Tees with association to DIYs and DSLRs. A friend started running through a few different ink and shirt color combinations to see which I like better. No shameless website plugs, just a simple design with the letters "DIY" and an image of a DSLR. No plans at the moment to actually offer these elsewhere - this is just a personal project. But if you so far like what you see, he's open to ideas...


25 thoughts on “DIY DSLR Logo Shirts

  1. Wow, I think my comment was misunderstood. I really like the original design, just think the y was a bit short and could be mistaken for an X. But that was just my small suggestion. Did not think the entire design needed to be re-done. The Original one is great.

  2. SkunkWorks

    Coming from a design background myself, the original oozes "pro." I would pay for it. The "y" doesn't even bother me the way it is. DIY + camera... simple and all encompassing, not too specific... perfect. Love the font. Kudos to your designer, please tell him I said so.

    This doesn't need to be over thought... some things are just done like dinner the way they are. 😉

  3. I can do whatever you want. I replaced your domain name with other text here:

    I can make any changes you want. I'm also not trying to infringe (ingrunge?) on your designer's territory. I'll work with him however you and he want. I can send him my file so far, etc. Let's keep the overhead down so they'll stay affordable.

    No, it's not any font. I searched thru my 600+ fonts and found none which did the job like this. Yes, the D is a matte box, and the y is a handle on a rig (angled more ergonomically, like mine).

    Just let me know what you want and I'll provide it.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Bruce Philpott - Thanks Bruce, but could you not use the web domain for any designs? I'm not using it myself (at this time). The name is also trademarked in apparel..

  5. SkunkWorks

    I'd take the original hands down... in olive green (font color undecided) 😉

    Even better... I'd pay or a download of the .eps and get it printed on the shirt(s) of my choice (T or maybe sweat shirt... am pretty fussy about the cut and feel of my cotton, would prefer to pick that myself!)

  6. Amused Observer

    Emm -- You ever heard the saying:

    "Opinions are like _________ .... everybody's got one".

  7. getem

    The font is wrong, also the new one Bruce posted is wrong as well. I think a cool way to do the letters would be in an outline form of whatever work is actually being done.

    Or have the letters be actual pieces of gear shaped into them......

  8. Daniel

    Sorry guys, the first comment said I had already posted that! So I wrote it again and it let it through. Damn gremlins. =)

  9. Paul

    all of the color schemes look good honestly... bud I do agree about the Y looking like an X. Not really noticeable but after a few times I see it.

  10. Terry

    I'm a trendsetter in Washington DC. (Yeah Right) I'd rock it though.....what's the damage? (Cost)

  11. I like, but the Y looks a bit like an X... so it wont be good if someone reads "DIX" 😉 Maybe make the Y longer or more visible somehow

  12. tormaid

    I think I'll make the same logo in photoshop and have the shirts printed myself.

    ... I mean, it's promoting DIY, is it not? 😛

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