Gini gone Mini – Mini Follow Focus

Looks like Gini is still looking to create more accessories outside of the standard Shoulder rig. Just recently introduced a full size (incomplete-like) Follow focus, and now there's the Gini Mini (rhymes). What's up with the unfinished look? Interesting how someone was just asking me about a super tiny FF to be used on a Sony NEX camera, and here we might have an option. Now you have an option to stay away from those beastly knobs on a Micro Four Thirds rig. No marking disc, no lens gears, no pointer included, and too bad he didn't add some knurl texture to the knob. You can find the new Gini Mini Follow Focus in his auctions (click here).

Gini Mini Follow FFGini Mini Follow Focus
find-price-button Gini Mini Lens Follow Focus

7 thoughts on “Gini gone Mini – Mini Follow Focus

  1. It's true. I bought my Gini Hummer 1 rig for $220 including the shipping. You can't beat that. I just got to be alert to get a nice follow focus and the matte box and I'll be set.

  2. jarrett towe

    Agreed this is an expensive price for a follow focus. That being said, you just have to keep your eyes open. I just won the follow focus plus shoulder rig for $199 plus shipping. Now I need to source lens straps (dont seem to be included) but if you are alert, you will find deals...eventually.

  3. This is bad.. hopefully my CAD guy and I can design an inexpensive $99 model within the next two months.. I will keep you up to date as things progress.. I don't want to use the huco but come up with an open air worm gear design. We shall see..

  4. Tim

    I dont like the way this is going. Gini prices are low but the shipping prices are ridiculous, getting higher by the day. $165,- just for SHIPPING the FF + DSLR kit combo, no way, how is that even possible.

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