DSLR Stabilizer Shooter Rig Price Drop

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At first release these rigs were going roughly around $120 dollars including shipping. If you're lucky you might be able to catch a few floating around the $90 price point. Right now there's a recent price drop bringing it down to just $64 dollars. It's a straight up close out deal, and I don't think you'll see this price again for a long while..Check out the target shooter style rigs following the link (click here).

Aputure rig
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19 thoughts on “DSLR Stabilizer Shooter Rig Price Drop

  1. I bought one of these at the discounted price, the quality is okay for the price. After a day or so I had a few ideas of how I prefer to shoot in news/videojournalism situation. I wanted to piece together something with 2 staggered handles in addition to the shoulder stock piece for extra stabilization. I ended up ordering another and with the help of a hack saw and a hack saw created exactly what I was looking for. Check it out here.


    Swapped out the crap handle grips for better ones at a bike store and ditched the orange endcaps for black ones ($0.40 a piece at hardware store). Generic ebay flash bracket.

    I plan on doing a video and longer article about it, and where I am going to go from here. But for $120 ($60 x 2 from amazon) I have something much more practical than the cheapest rigs offered by JAG35, Express35 and Fancier. Not bad for the price and even have a place to QR mount my zoom.

  2. C. Mason Taylor

    Sorry to repeat, but since the question never got answers: can this rig attach to the top of a tripod/monopod?

  3. Emm

    Post author

    Don't forget that Fancier has a mini-rig also httpss://cheesycam.com/fancier-new-small-camera-shoulder-rig-counterweight/

  4. Retina

    I received this just before the weekend, and I'm very disappointed in the quality. In the pictures they look slightly similar in colour and build to Gini, but they are miles apart!
    The colouring of the knobs is lighter, and already slightly chipped, they are difficult to tighten, and even then I felt play in them. The rods are plasticky and feel cheap.
    I'll keep it as a separate small system, but I'm not going to mix these with my Gini rig.

  5. John

    Hey Natums,
    Do you have more info or pictures of it with your Gini rig?

    It looks like it is made of quality cnc aluminum. Why would you say that 'tightening' is a bitch?

  6. I got one of these a couple days ago. Added it onto a Gini rig+ a few odds and ends from name brands.

    Each of the QR brackets are far worse than Gini. Tightening them are a bitch and and when you loosen them they arent that loose either.

    Basically, dont use these on parts of your rig you anticipate taking a apart and adjusting regularly. Lock it in and go, it'll work fine.

  7. @Emm of course its always more 🙂 Thanks for the response (and this post) - as always your site is the best out there for this stuff!
    I think I will wait to see the jag35 one, as it will be slightly better build I think, looks like better shoulder/chest pad. And if paying huge postage prices may as well bundle everything from one place!

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Luke - I have not used this one, but there's a video here showing build quality. httpss://cheesycam.com/latest-mini-shooter-rigs/

  9. Looks like the kinda thing I'm after. However with $45 postage to Australia I'm tempted to wait for the (probably better quality) new Jag35 shooter style rig they appear to be releasing soon. If its affordable and has rods I'll probably wait...
    Otherwise I'd have to spend ~$150 on a rod system as well anyway, + followfocus
    What do you think?

  10. I was looking into getting one of those, disassembling it and using it as a chest brace on a Gini rig. Do you have any other ideas as to what would be a good chest brace with a Gini rig?

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