Gini Fuco or Huco? Follow Focus Auctions

Unusually designed follow focus systems show up on Gini's auction page listed as a 'Fuco' gearbox. Unless i'm mistaken, that should actually be 'Huco' gearbox. These might be earlier designs, and don't look to be as good as the one branded as the iFocus. But even with the high shipping fees included, the overall price is pretty good. [Thanks Rob & Jacob]

You can find those Fuco *ahem Huco Follow Focus systems following the link (click here)

Gini Follow Focus Huco Fuco gearbox
find-price-button Gini Follow Focus with Fuco Huco Gearbox

7 thoughts on “Gini Fuco or Huco? Follow Focus Auctions

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @gene - Forgot to check on that, but from my video it looks like it httpss:// I have to check next week, I don't have it on me right now.

  2. Gini just had 3 199+55 ifocus units up.. I just bought one of them. Figured I'd save $45. I don't know how he can't raise the price on that after seeing the cinevate comparison.

  3. andrew

    i just received my huco/fuco/puco gini focus, the gear box is a little chunky but it clears my 60d no problem and the follow focus works great. a tiny bit of play, probably the same amount as in ifocus models...
    my only gripe is the white focus mark ring seems slightly warped, it's not totally flush against the focus wheel, other than that its great.

    it kept slipping at first, I thought it was too heavy, then realized the rod it was connected to was loose, not the focus itself. ever since, its been snug as a bug.

    works well with a big focus gear, like gini or trusmt, and also a height adjustable baseplate.

    considering the deal i got on the base plate, follow focus, gear and rails, even after blown away. What i paid for all of those things including shipping is still less than just a baseplate with even budget companies.

    also, shipping is expensive, but it was overnight from korea to brooklyn....i cant even get overnight from manhattan to brooklyn.

  4. Emm

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    @David - The single clamp is very firm, hard to move once clamped down. Especially if you're using Gini rods which has a micro textured surface that's not polished.

  5. Is it safe to say its worth $150 more to grab the new ifocus? Will the weight of the ifocus stay firm on just the one clamp?

    $300 is def the max I wanna spend on a follow..

  6. Tony

    I had a ebay chat with gini a week ago and he(she) said they are still selling the puco versions. If it doesn't say "ifocus (new)" then its the version.

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