Wireless LED Dimmer / Speed Controller PWM

Most people won't really care about this item, but others might find it useful. It's sold as a wireless remote LED dimmer which supports 9-24V DC input / output 12V. It's actually just a PWM, means it can be used as a cheap speed controller for a servo or motor, and states it's rated up to 8A. Could be a good little gadget for remote control dimming of DIY LED lights, or remote control speed of DIY motorized sliders and dollies. Wonder how well it will work on my motorized Lazy Susan. Starts at about $6 dollars on eBay (click here).

Wireless PWM Dimmer Remote
find-price-button Wireless Remote LED Light Dimmer PWM

7 thoughts on “Wireless LED Dimmer / Speed Controller PWM

  1. Rick


    Thanks for the pics. They sure used a big enough pcb. I was kinda hoping it would be a bit smaller. Please let us know how the motor testing goes.

  2. SkunkWorks

    @ Rick and Alex...

    Ok it showed up today and I did a quick test with it on a 12v MR16 base LED bulb.

    - The remote has 3 buttons... a master on/off and power up and power down button. A red LED on the remote indicates pressing any of them.

    - It remembers where it was set when you turn it off and back on again.

    - The remote does not require line of sight so it's obviously RF which is good, I tested it from another room about 20ft away. To test it for further distances I'd need some more spare time to play with it again.

    - It will gradually ramp up or ramp down if you keep a button held down... it's only smooth from about half to full power, below that you can see it stepping. When sitting static anywhere from about 1/4 to full power I don't see any flicker in my light... below that I can see flicker.

    - This works for me, I'll probably only use from half to full power anyway and probably just as an off/on. Will try it someday on a motor.

    Here's some pics to show it size (including the pc board) in relation to a few items including a ruler in cm (all I had handy).


  3. Alex

    SkunkWorks if you can please write a quick review when it arrives, I wonder how well and far the wireless controller works, if it's smooth or if it jerks with every push of a button.

  4. Rick

    When you get one, please open it up and show us how big the board it. The only downside of these I see is the 9V minimum which will limit the choice of motors.

  5. SkunkWorks

    Too funny. I ordered one of these a couple of weeks or more ago along with a couple of other types of PWMs to keep on hand for potential breakdowns or future projects. Thought it might arrive today (friday) but looks like it'll probably be monday now 😉

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