DSLR Follow Focus Kit

DSLR Follow Focus Kit
DSLR Rig Follow Focus Kit

Alright, I received a bit of Clarity on these new budget DSLR follow Focuses a.k.a 'RJ Follow Focus'. It's not really a one store FF, but an FF that's being sold by many different retail locations from overseas. Now if you've been planning on picking one up, here's a little inside scoop. A small amount of these will touch down in the U.S. and might be available as soon as this weekend. We'll see if that's true, and if it is, you could have an order shipped fairly quickly rather than waiting for one from over seas. Stay tuned..

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @RRevo - A few videos mentioned the RJ didn't have as much as the DFocus. I guess there's some inconsistencies, but another person said they opened it up, tightened a few screws and it was all good. They will be more available in the coming weeks, so i'll take a look too.

  2. Having no backlash seems like the Dfocus would win in the quality department, not to mention the ability to go both ways, haha.
    I don't care if it looks like crap, if it works the best, that is what I want!

  3. Hi,

    i have both follow focuses. build quality of the rj is better than the dfocus, but my dfocus has nearly zero backlash and you can reverse the gear.

    anyone know a solution how to reverse the gear of the rj?


  4. What is the quality compared to the D|Focus from jag35.com which is cheaper then those on ebay? Which is the better choice?

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