[Update] Here's a link to the unboxing:
DP4 EVF Review

If you didn't catch the news about the SmallHD DP4 EVFofficially on sale (as of Yesterday), then you might still have a chance. Limited supply on this item. No video reviews online just yet, except for the brief demos from NAB2011 and those were still in Prototype stages. Let's see how the official ones comes out. Other EVFs claim to be two products in one, but the DP4-EVF is larger at 4" which makes it much better to use as a small external monitor, while still providing a flip up loupe for magnified viewing. Or you can just purchase the DP4 if all you need is a small lightweight HDMI monitor. You can find more information about the new SmallHD DP4-EVF while they are available (click here).

Screen shot 2011-07-13 at 10.27.20 PM

10 thoughts on “SmallHD DP4 – HDMI EVF

  1. Olphus

    @Max Rebel - you said you didn't pay customs fees. What country are you in is it Canada?
    I'm in the UK and customs is the only reason for holding me back.

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  3. I have one of these on order and as said above - it is backordered, but only until the 20th (at least for orders placed 2 hrs after the release). I have also heard rumor that Cineroid may be releasing a new beefier EVF very soon possibly with SDI. As for reviews, I've heard more good things about both the Cineroid and the SmallHD than the Zacuto - I love my z-finder but if I have to really look in it all day I want something with an improved design.

  4. Max Rebel

    I bought it the first day... got here the next day.

    Paid no Customs Fees up front.

    I love everything about it... I'm Very happy.

  5. last_SHIFT

    Yeah - I was hot for this too but decided to go for the ZEVF Pro. The Zacuto arrived and like 1 hour later I got the in stock email from SHD. Anyway very happy with the Zacuto so far.

  6. john d

    Im still saving my pretty pennies for an electronic viewfinder, so I'll wait to see them all.
    Does anyone know if SmallHD has done any drop test with their monitor(s)? I want to see it dropped TWICE from 12 feet.

  7. entienne01

    I ordered one as soon as it went up on-line and just saw an update that it's back=ordered!?!?

  8. The Zacuto EVF is still the best for me.
    only 6 hours with 2 canon batteries while the Zacuto can last all day with just one, give it is still a great 4 inch monitor but its still kind of eh...

    Cinevate will be releasing a similiar option for a 4 inch Sony monitor as well.

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