DIY – Color Dyeing PVC

There's some big fans of PVC who read this blog, and the common choice of coloring is through a rattle and shake spray can. We all know it doesn't hold up very well over time. Many plain white extension cords are also covered with PVC, and Make: has created this short video tutorial on how to color dye PVC based on the article found here:

Now, go out and get colorful with your rigs, or maybe just go with the cliche all black..

3 thoughts on “DIY – Color Dyeing PVC

  1. bill

    You made an error by mentioning the purple dye. It's in the PVC cement, not the "clear cleaner". These two items are completely different. Cement sort of melts the pvc, welding it together. Cleaner does penetrate the surface but does not melt it.

  2. bill

    I'm interesting in dying PVC pipes a wood grain effect. Would I need just the brown dye or would I need additional colors like red or black to mix with the brown?

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