Zacuto EVF – Custom Scaling Options

This ends up being a huge time saver for me as I was going to run through some of the Zacuto EVF menu options. Here's a nice run through the menu on how to scale just about any video input type with the Zacuto EVF. I'll try to run through the SmallHD DP4 menu, which also has great scaling options, but for stored custom fuctions, and camera profiles the DP4 is not as elaborate as this Zacuto EVF menu. Different packages for the Z-EVF start around $640 (click here).

find-price-button Zacuto EVF Electronic ViewFinders

find-price-button Zacuto Z-EVF View Finder

One thought on “Zacuto EVF – Custom Scaling Options

  1. Dave

    I just picked up a used Zacuto EVF and I'm trying to figure out which settings to use for my GH3. There is a GH2 setting, but the scale and color don't match the GH3 screen. I'll probably have to tweak this manually, but if anyone knows a camera preset that is a good starting point, I'd like to know.

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