Camtrac Video Track Table Dolly

Vimeo member Dan Eckert has been working on a dolly project for some time to be used wit his Hyperlapse / Timelapse videos. The dolly is designed to have adjustable wheels to ride on rails or on terrain with pneumatic tires. The video above shows some examples of his work, but keep in mind that there is some scenes with image stabilization done in post. Aside from Time Lapse videos, the dolly still operates as a standard track or table dolly. Price of the unit starts at around $1500 + optional accessories. You can find more about his product (soon to be released) by visiting [Thanks Dan]

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8 thoughts on “Camtrac Video Track Table Dolly

  1. Tom

    I am expecting he will create specific videos for the purpose of promoting the equipment that does not use any digital stabilizing. Would be interesting to get a real sense of how well the hardware works.

  2. For dedicated track moves 12' or less I use a telescope base to reel in the line. For longer moves I use the clicker method (like playing cards in bicycle spokes) I'll post a BTS video and explain the different ways to move the dolly. i also use an digital tape measure that make contact with the upper wheels for smaller precise moves.

  3. Frankie

    I'd like to know how they get the speed in which the dolly moves to be consistent. Motorized?

  4. As Emm stated in his write-up you will need a good stabilizer like the one in After Effects 5.5 unless your track or surface is as flat a polished granite.

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