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Odd looking camera support sent in by LJ [Thanks LJ]. The Ready Rig Looks functional, maybe even comfortable. A pair of rods attached to a spring loaded back support, offers total hands free operation of the camera. The camera rests on a front platform that has tilt and rotate abilities. Could be tricky getting in and out of something like this if you need to move quick, and the basic package will already run you $800 dollars. There's some additional videos at the Alba Camera Support website. What's your take on the Ready Rig?

ready rigthe ready rig

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  1. $800 for a basic system???? Where? I see it listed only at B & H and it's $1,800. I'd get this in a heartbeat if it were priced closer to a grand. I've probably wasted more than that buying other systems I won't use.

  2. Concept is sound and the test footage looks pretty decent, I'd like to see an identical footage comparison test video between this and let's say a Glidecam HD 4000 if possible and I'm sold.

    I'd happily give up a small amount of smoothness for that flexibility and versatility but I'd still appreciate the comparison to set my wallet at ease.

  3. I'm impressed with the articulation, and really - the waist strap is awesome. I might try to alter one of my current rigs to have a similar waist support.

  4. @Alba camera Support

    Haha no worries. At least you came back and explained yourself. Some people just let that fly out the window and it amazes me how they call themselves professionals.

    Your product looks like a relief from the standard shoulder rigs, and countless various counterweighted systems we've had thrown at us for the past few years.

    I'll have to give it a go someday.

  5. I couldn't help but notice all the bouncing around the camera was doing while he demonstrated that the camera could be positioned so many ways. Looks to me as if this would move the camera (and monitor) weight to shoulders from hands, but won't make it any more stable than a handheld fig rig.

  6. @Brent, wanted to respond about audio quality on our presentation. We filmed that in our factory and have cnc machines running 24/7. Apologize for sound in warehouse but does not reflect quality of product.

  7. $800+$100 for a carrying case, not bad.

    But the fact the audio was so muffled and was almost unbearable?


    It always surprises me how you can sell a high quality product, or at least advertise it as one, and overlook some of the simplest things in your own advertisement.

  8. i was down there saw them and they where asking me more questions about my rig lol this supper funny I'm not hating
    just find this to be funny asked him what happen when he fell over on 6th st the Wednesday night SXSW cause of Poor camera operation in big crowds.

    I been edelkrone Member from day one and yes it's light
    and comfy i dont get paid to say this is that I have even built PVc and carbon fiber rail version of Letus Action cam

    and there many reason for a sturdy fig

    But for live event's notting beats a full vest and arm especially for locations like #sxsw and with the setup do have to be all bulky either.

  9. Hey all,

    This is Charles with Alba Camera Support.

    Thanks for the feedback. We want to let you know that we are at NAB and that we are going to be pulling up sample footage soon. Anything you guys want to see in particular?

    We can film Mr. Risky Business jumping out of an F16 fighter plane or flipping glasses behind the bar a la Top Gun and Cocktails 🙂

  10. Austin

    They say they have sample footage coming soon and are taking request for what you would like to see since they are going to nab, just drop a comment on the youtube video.

  11. dave

    At first I was like.. eh.. but then seeing the moves the rig will allow, it actually seems like a great rig for long form shoots and it's nice that there aren't counter weights.

    The twist-tighten handgrip setup is the part of the rig I like the most tho.

  12. Tony

    I'm with the general consensus. Just seeing the photo I was like "Oh no not another gimmicky rig". But he puts on a nice presentation and makes some valid points and I can see it being feasible on some shoots. I'll have to agree with
    Jerry also ...also =)... the biggest problem with the cheap cowboy studio shoulder rig is its contact point with the chest area and when you breathe...especially run and gun and you breathing heavy it destabilizes the footage. I wonder if the waist belt is elastic enough to prevent movement. Cool idea though...I'm running off to my garage to build one now! kidding.

  13. At first I was like "Oh hail naw." Then I watched the video and was like "Interesting." sample footage? Seriously? That's a red flag to me.

  14. Jerry also

    One of the best things about this gizmo is that it completely eliminates the chest as a support point. (The chest would be fine if only we didn't have to breathe!) In the old days of hand-held 16mm film it was the right shoulder that supported the (much heavier) camera with some help from right hand & arm, with the eyepiece jammed into our eye socket as the third balancing point of contact.

    So now the shoulder's back, if only as a fulcrum; I wonder whether breathing is going to affect the belt. The hands-free part reminds me of stabilizer vests; maybe that's where this entrepreneur got the idea to ask $1500 for it! It makes me wonder if it could serve as vest for the kinds of stabilizers reviewed on this site.

    But first let him show us some results, especially from such trusted operators as Emm. Whatever the result we should soon enough see competing versions from a dozen workshops.

  15. Darius

    My first thought: I didn't know there was a Risky Business sequel.

    My second thought, this could be really cool, if not somewhat cumbersome, but like a previous poster mentioned, sample footage would be the best selling point, as well as actually trying one on. I thought at first $800 was a bit much, but if it actually does what it says then I think it's well worth it.

  16. i prefer compact systems but i gotta say that looks really good and the price sounds reasonable.
    No sample footage though. 🙁

  17. I shoot a lot of live events and my back was killing after SXSW... this definitely has its appeal, it looks quite comfortable for that prolonged use. However, it's seems a bit over priced, not sure how durable the materials are either.

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