Aputure LightStorm COB120 and LS-C20 Single Point Hard Light

Aputure has some of the most popular LED Panels available for the budget shooter, and now they've added a nice high power single point source LED Light called the LightStorm COB120. If you've worked with Fresnels, the new COB120 can be used in similar ways. Still photographers who are now working with continuous lighting will also be familiar with it's MonoLight type form factor. With a Bowens Mount adapter, you'll also be able to use many available Light Modifiers such as a Beauty Dish, Softboxes, Snoots, etc.

They say the new COB120 may have the equivalent to a 1K-1.5K fresnel which is very good output for an LED Light of this size. There is a fan built in to dissipate heat, but they say it's extremely quiet, similar to the fan found in the Mac Pro (trashcan). The new Aputure LightStorm COB120 will be available over at B&H (click here).

aputure lightstorm cob120tv hard light fresnelaputure lightstorm cob120t
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10 thoughts on “Aputure LightStorm COB120 and LS-C20 Single Point Hard Light

  1. mike

    Any good ways to modify the temperature of these lights? They don't have a good contact point for clothes pegs. Also, looking for a good quick softbox for it, that doesn't have 16 rods to assemble each time, like the one I've found designed for these. Basically a popup version that fits these.

  2. Jsfilmz

    @ Kay. I just checked B&H these are all tungsten 3000kish balance. I want a daylight NOW! lol

  3. Post author

    @Victor Dizon - Been using these for a long while, recharging them constantly. Great batteries for the price. httpss://cheesycam.com/kayo-maxtar-dual-capacity-v-mount-batteries/comment-page-1/

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